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3.24 - "Solid" 

Jack Daniel's on the rocks

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Ian Knaggs's picture

Lovely punchy glass that looks good enough to drink! The bottle is a little too blurred for my taste but that's just personal preference!
Great job!

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture


Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

This is a hero shot of a glass, but not a bottle. It is secondary, and I did not want to make the bottle sharp.

Janusz Slyk's picture

Perfect lighting.

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

Thanks. It`s a one light setup. Shooted with only one speedlight, trough diffusion panel.

John Dawson's picture

I'm really torn. I really dig the glass, but my brain can't rectify why the bottle is so out-of-focus. If there wasn't a label I could probably get over it, but for products branding shouldn't be blurred.

Roman Sapronov's picture

Great image. I would add a bit of smoke out of the glass to fill the dark top. Or something behind the glass to add atmosphere. Haze or light lick.

Paul Parisi's picture

Nice shot solid, not sure about out of focus, a tad busy perhaps?

Douglas Turney's picture

I have no problem with the bottle being the way it is, especially if the glass is the hero as you explained. One question...really or fake ice?