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I wanted to have my own kind of ring shot since it always felt a little played out placing it on the flowers like I was doing before when I came up with this little trick of floating rings it's simple and takes up little time during an event that has very little to spare

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Jacob Szetela's picture

LOOOOVE this. How the heck did you accomplish this?!

user 65983's picture

Fishing line I think.

Jacob Szetela's picture

That's what I thought, but wasn't sure.

jsltd's picture

it's really simple and easy trick and the result is really nice. I think the rings are kind of hard to creatively document as the holding hands gets really boring really fast.

colognepaparazzo's picture

Would it have been too much to ask the groom to clean his fingernails before taking a close shot of his hands? That´s getting me so distracted from everything else that´s going on.

Jon Conyers's picture

He might be the type that works with his hands. I actually like it better now because it might actually tell a little story of what kind of person he is.

Josean Rosario's picture

Like Jon said that's him you may be someone who never gets their hands dirty but this is directly after the ceremony and family photos so he was like this the whole day whatever it is that is making some of his nails look darker I am unsure but I would bet they are stained since no one chooses to have dirt on them for their big day