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2.53 - "Solid" 

During wedding party I found pool table in the basement. I took groom, best man and one guest downstairs and took couple of photos :) Lit by one Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT with rogue grid and CTO gel on the left side and ambient light above table.

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killer shot. No idea why this is not rating higher. I think this is totally cool and every groom I've ever met would find this more appealing than the "pretend to get dressed again even though you've been dressed for 2 hours" shot. This is cool and creative.

Thank you!

I think the issue isn't with the groom, but with the lit up chin and hair on the lady at the pool table. I would love to see the shot without her at all, or totally in shadow as part of the background.

Probably you're right. But it was quick shot, we had only couple minutes to arrange that, so all of my attention was on the guy in front and how to light him and not destroy ambient light. I saw this problem couple days later and it was too late to fix that :) And thanks for the opinion by the way, I will do better next time! :D