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2.37 - "Needs Work" 

STORY TIME! On a cold December day, I got to photograph this amazing couple. This was was right after their first look. I had walked the groom and his best man over to the location first then I went back to the hotel and walk the groom and her maid of honor over. I had the bride stop around the corner from where their first look spot was located so I could go prep the groom. When I went to where I left the groom, he was no where to be found! In my mind, I'm panicking because I'm thinking, " What if he just left??" I walked back to the bride and said, "Soooo he's not there! The bride was obviously worried and there wasn't anything I could do. She preceded to call him and he didn't pick up the first time. More panicking! She calls him again and he picks up. "Where are you?!??", she asks. Turns out the groom ran across the street to the nearby movie theater to use the restroom! You can imagine how tense those few minutes were. All went according to the plan afterwards. It wasn't funny at that moment but it was definitely moment that the couple laughs about now! Thanks for reading!

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