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2.74 - "Solid" 

First time shooting a wedding with a friend for his family, all natural lighting.

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this is a really cool shot, but the dust specs on the bokeh balls are a bit distracting to me. I think it would be quick and unobtrusive to just heal those out

Spoken like a true photog. I'm willing to bet the bride and groom have no clue of tiny dust specs on the bokeh balls. 4 star image from me.

Of course the couple would love it as it is. I'm just giving some constructive criticism. I'd hope that other photographers would do the same for my photos rather than just give click and move on

Never even really paid no thought to that, something to take into my next edit thanks thanks!

I was shooting at a far distance with a pole and Christmas lights to pull that off, the main photographer was actually directly behind.