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2.91 - "Solid" 

Here is the replica of Stonehenge located in Maryhill, Washington just as the Milky Way aligns with the center of the structure.

This is one of my most popular Milky Way photos that I have sold 4 prints of and has won me a lens in an online photo competition. I have continued to revamp my post processing of it this year to match the quality of other photos I have taken recently of the Milky Way.

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Logan Cressler's picture

I gave it a 3 but would give it a 4 if the distortion was corrected and it was leveled out a bit, it feels like it slopes to the right.

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thanks for the input. It is level. And I enjoy the distortion.

Logan Cressler's picture

Unless they built it with one side taller than the other, its not level. Also, it doesnt matter if it is technically level, it doesnt look level. Using the straight line of the menu and scrolling down, you can clearly see that the left side is taller than the right, and the left side of the horizon is taller than the right, and the left base is higher than the base on the right.

You can either get defensive about CC, or you can accept it and learn from it. One way helps you, the other hurts you. Your choice.

Daniel Gomez's picture

It is a replica so I wouldn't be surprised. I said thank you. Not sure why you are coming off this way.