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Community Avg
3.46 - "Solid" 

I spent around 100 hours in my local forest to capture the red squirrel pushing the cart. After many failed attempts and lots of near misses this was the end result. Published in several national news papers.

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g coll's picture

If you rate this anything less than a 3 then you really have no idea about how the rating system works or else you are gaming the system.

g coll's picture

In fact this is at least a 4.5

Craig Doogan's picture

Many thanks!

Jordan Butler's picture

"Gaming the system" certainly seems to be the case - I've got screenshots that show a certain someone's photo getting 6-7 5 star ratings one after the other, while mine received 6-7 1 star ratings at the same time. This image also seems to have suffered a 0.2 decline or so. Some people are very unsportsmanlike

Craig Doogan's picture

The first rating on my image was a 1 and god only knows how many other ones I've had. Would expect a 2 at the very least for effort. This was my first and last post. It's so sad that people vote ones to better their own chances, very child like.

Jordan Butler's picture

Craig Doogan well I for one hope you win it. The good news is that as soon as I called out the profile that seemed to be behind the fake votes on his picture with a comment, they magically stopped.

Of course he's now tried to pin the blame of his actions on me since he got caught but he has ceased boosting his image, so highest rated should go to a photo that deserves it, like yours.

JJ James's picture

This is not the highest rated image.The white owl is the highest rated image.

Jordan Butler's picture

Apologies JJ James; before all the down voting started this image was at like 3.6 something - I hadn't seen another image that was still around the 3.5 mark. Even so, my comment stands that the highest rated should go to an image that deserves it and not one where someone made a bunch of fake accounts to sledge the competitors

JJ James's picture

The owl is an amateur photoshop composite. Bad quality.. Cant understand how it beats the squirrel or your entries.

Philip Slotte's picture

Love it! :-)

Craig Doogan's picture

Cheers Philip.

Nenad Tarlac's picture

love it! - only comment would be that it could look even better with a less centred composition.

g coll's picture

No. Definitely disagreeing with you on that. Composition is perfect for this image. You don't need to use the rule of thirds for everything.

Craig Doogan's picture

Thank you Nenad & G Coll for your input. I played about with the crop for a while before deciding on this but it has been mentioned by others too.

Stefan Thomas's picture

Perfect. For me that’s absolutely perfect! Congratulations!

Craig Doogan's picture

Many thanks Stefan.

Kevin Plovie's picture

Awesome 4 stars for me !!!
would love more colour ( vibrant)

Craig Doogan's picture

Thanks Kevin!

Dan Grayum's picture

I love the model, can I get their contact info? 4 star image all day.

Craig Doogan's picture

Templeton Woods in Dundee haha! Many thanks Dan.

Christian Vidal's picture

This is amazing. Great job and it shows how dedicated you are to getting the perfect shot!

Craig Doogan's picture

Many thanks Christian.

Craig Doogan's picture

Thanks Jonathon.

Jordan Butler's picture

How has the rating on this image come down so far? No justice! This is an excellent shot.