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3 - "Solid" 

Sugarloaf Sister - This shot was taken adjacent to the famous Sugarloaf Rock at Cape Naturaliste in Western Australia. Often, the focus is on Sugarloaf rock itself (as was in my portfolio), however, when we turn the camera and have a look at what is around us we can find some equally beautiful scenery. This one will be making its way into a calendar for next year. The rights to use of these shots for commercial purposes has also been sold to a business operating in the region.

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Bastian Mannerow's picture

I love the shot. The reason why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is, because the person in the background gets a bit lost. Even though, the shot isn't mainly about the person, he is then distracting from the scene itself. I'd rather place him in the foreground, sitting on the rock and looking into the distance or just clone stamp him out of the way. But still: Love the shot, love the colours, composition is fine

Jordan Butler's picture

I appreciate that - he was actually up there fishing, though its hard to see the rod unless the shot is at full resolution.