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3.27 - "Solid" 

Sugarload Rock - Cape Naturaliste

The purpose of this series of shots was to highlight the diverse range of landscapes within Cape Naturaliste and Eagle Bay, beyond just that of Sugarloaf rock, those this shot specifically shows Sugarloaf Rock as I would be remiss not to include it.
This shot is currently being used in printed promotional material in the Cape Naturaliste/Eagle Bay/Margaret River regions.

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Ali Alsulaiman's picture

I noticed that immediately after you commented on my contest photo that your photo within a few hours was given 5s while my image was down rated with 1s. It's shame to learn that people are still rigging the system with fake accounts. Also one can easily tell by the fact that this photo has the highest number of rates.

Jordan Butler's picture

Ali please keep your dishonesty off my picture. I have iterative screenshots of both my picture and yours that show in quick succession how you got 7 5 star votes back to back and I simultaneously got 7 1 star votes. Please don't attempt to assign blame to me for your own manipulations; it is ill of you and not in the spirit of this contest at all.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Well, you should have kept YOUR dishonesty of my picture in the first place. I can prove that all the votes I received were from legit accounts since they are in my notifications history, except of course for those fake account you created to down rate mine. It is indeed ill to rig the system and then accuse people of doing it.

Jordan Butler's picture

You say that, and yet when I presented you the opportunity to do so when you messaged me, you did not. Interestingly, the second I called you out on it your score stopped its meteoric rise and I stopped receiving 1 star downvotes.

Of course, that's just another coincidence right Ali?

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Oh I am thinking the same, as soon as you started this my photo stopped receiving downvotes. What a coincidence!

Jordan Butler's picture

Also I don't have the highest number of rates, the aerial shot of Hong Kong has the same number of votes, though worth noting that's after you made 6 or so fake accounts to 1 star my image and 5 star your own, so really I actually have about 7% less votes than the most; don't let that get in the way of the narrative you are trying to spin because you were caught out manipulating your score

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Impressive how you keep track of all the highest rated photos which only a system rigger would do. I really feel sorry for the other accounts you downvoted to make yours suddenly and by far the highest. Mine used to be 4 before your manipulating the scores but here we go I would not care less to do what you did.

Jordan Butler's picture

Nice accusations there pal - when I saw a sudden influx of 1s on my picture I looked at other high rated images that I had rated to see if they were also being targeted. They recieved no votes at all, except yours, 5 star after 5 star, right after you replied to my first comment giving you feedback.

How long are you going to keep this bs up Ali? You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, now jog on.

Jordan Butler's picture

Ali I'm not sure what you are smoking but the top 6 images or so have all consistently been around 3.3 except for the Squirrel image which was been up around 3.5 for days, and still is (and is winning). At this stage, I've asked you to go quietly a number of times and you haven't done so so I'll be having a chat with the mods about your comments and I'll pass over the screenshots which show your vote manipulation. Enjoy that my friend!

JJ James's picture

I gave it 5*

Jordan Butler's picture

Thanks so much JJ! I know of some improvments that can be made (Ive re-edited this image since, but supplied the version that was published) but I appreciate that people are enjoying my work. Thank you.