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3.42 - "Solid" 

I took this photo of a perfect sunset over the worlds largest mirror, the Bolivian salt flats. I had to stay still for a while to avoid ripples in order to capture a perfect reflection.

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Steve Balmer's picture

For me, this is at least a 4! love the colours and where you positioned yourself in the frame.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Cheers Steve :)

Ryan Bloomfield's picture

Love this image - you lose where the sky meets the land and it creates a wonderful illusion

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks Ryan! Indeed, this infinity effect is indescribable. It's only in the rainy season Dec-Mar.

Damien Harrison's picture

Such a striking image, so much to look at and see. The fact that the silhouette is so sharp is amazing,

Marek Stefech's picture


Lukasz J's picture

Image is amazing, the questions is "is it on topic with this CTC theme?"

Kevin Plovie's picture

Lovely composite...
Tip: Make the shadow (man standing) less hard, to make it more believable...

Greetings Kevin

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks Kevin, totally agree! I should lift up the shadows a bit 🙏

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Pretty sure this isn't a composite...

Kevin Plovie's picture

Look at the reply of the author 😉. He would lift up the shadows to make it more realistic....

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

I'm not entirely sure he understood what you were saying. Could be wrong though. He didn't say "make it more realistic" and you said "less hard" he said "lift". Those don't mean the same thing.

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

He said he had to "stand still to avoid ripples". Either he shot this with a follow drone at himself, or he's lying about the whole thing.

Kevin Plovie's picture

The reason why i thought it was a composite is because the light is coming from the front ( Left side). There is no shadow on the surface of the water, just and straight reflection on the water ( even toned as the subject). The subject is photographed from above, don't you expect and smaller reflection (cause of the angle?). If i am wrong, sorry. Doesn't make the result less beautiful ☺

Greets Kevin

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Could be, I wasn't really judging from the photo, just his description, but you make some decent points. :)

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Matthew, you are actually right, I overlooked the word "composite". It is not a composite and it is not a drone shot either. I had a car behind me and I sat the tripod on top of the car. The picture was taken well after sunset so it was getting very dark. There wasn't much contrast in the darker areas, and therefore you wouldn't see any shadows. I went back to the raw file to see whether I could recover the shadows more, but there is just blackness. I deliberately did not take brackets because I wanted to be very sharp and a silhouette.

I also have video taken of me walking in this place about the same time on Youtube. It will help to understand that it is not a composite and that there is no shadow.

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

That location looks amazing, thanks for adding some context! Nice work!

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks a lot :) It's very remote but you definitely have to visit it if you have the opportunity!

Haike Lin's picture

i am jealous

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Lol, I hope you get to go there soon Haike!

Kevin Plovie's picture

Sorry for my mistake!! Thanks for adding some context !! Respect !!!! That video made me so ZEN !!

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thank you! my pleasure :) Glad to learn that the video conveyed the feelings of the place.