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1.51 - "Needs Work" 

This was a photo shoot client hired me the photographer, model and makeup artist to model clothing sold to multiple chains including Wal-Mart. Here makeup artist Lynsey is working hard to prepare the main model.

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Bastian Mannerow's picture

I like the idea to overexpose the background to automatically bring the two people into focus. Maybe you should have removed the cardboards on the left handside. Also the red extinguisher nect to the makeup artists head is distracting, which you could have easily clone stamped. The plastic bags in the foreground give the image a 3D look, which is good, but at the same time it's hiding the makeup artists tools, which are important to understand the context of the image.
I don't think it's a snapshot, because the overall composition is fine and the basic idea is there. I always found such "simple" shots like people in their job environment quite challenging, because it's hard to focus on the main attributes relating to the actual job. Hope I could help you with my comment, I just don't think it's fair to leave you with 1.35 stars without any comment about why

Joseph hijuelos's picture

This snapshot wasn't shot for galmour it was taken casually as they worked their craft. You seem to be lost in your own close minded interpetation. I shoot for the moment not your photoshopped project.

Joseph hijuelos's picture

One more thing I wasn't going to move my clients workshop around to take that shot.

Douglas Turney's picture

Seriously folks? You rated this a 1? Yes the image is suppose to look like a quick snap of a moment but that does not make it a snap shot. Exposure is good. Focus and depth of field are good. This is a well executed image.

Joseph hijuelos's picture

This photo also shows 3 persons making money. Most on gallery do t even depict how they making money . The photo untouched taken in the moment

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Legitimate question and not a commentary on this particular image: Is any photo that is properly exposed and in focus automatically NOT a snapshot?

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

I'm a little confused on this being a contest entry. Did you get hired to take THIS photo? Or is this just a photo you shot while you were at work on a client shoot?

Joseph hijuelos's picture

Photo taken from our staff while working on job for client .