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2.16 - "Needs Work" 

5 minutes! That was about all I had to nail this shot the day of, an actual clients' wedding. It would not have been possible without the nearly two hours I spent testing out this scenario at the venue weeks before, including diagramming the exact placement, strength, and angles of my flashes. I literally measured everything (three pages lol). I had to guess about table obstacles, because even with their table map in hand, nothing was even close to scale. I pre-printed a silhouette pose to show them on the day of, which was great, because this remote Korean bride spoke very little English and we were crunched for time. It took two flashes to create the silhouette effect and then create rim lighting on her dress and bouquet. I absolutely love this client shot! (so do they!)

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The tiniest amount of light leaking through the upper-right part of the door is a bit distracting.

And, for my eyes, it seems like there should be a light behind the groom. It makes it seem uneven, asymmetrical.

But I'm not really the best person to point these things, I could never have taken this shot.

Great photo regardless!

thank you so much for the feedback! i have debated about the light leak, i left it for them, since their wedding was during a triple digit day—the sun breaking in-but may still yet eliminate it for my portfolio. i had a light for both their silhouettes, not know what her dress looked like since she was in korea-when i saw the opportunity to rimlight with show through her tulle skirt i changed in the moment....cant really do the same for him—honestly though i was so excited and blown away at the result-i hadnt reconsidered how my last minute change affected the symmetrical weight of it 😭now i have to think think think—but i still adore this shot-especially since it was done with actual clients who will love it for forever :)

It still is a great photo!
Don't let the rough reviewers from Fstoppers change your mind!

thanks !!! im brand new on here and to submitting—and im a strict ruler follower, if they say a lit shot should automatically get a two, i was definitely shocked to have sp many ones on this and my ring bokeh shot smh —then i read the community comments and felt better lol bad culture though right?? we need to change it!