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2.3 - "Needs Work" 

Shot a 70s scene in my homestudio. For the set I took everything I found in different basements that was from that era. The goal was to achieve an after party kind of look. The girl is a very good friend of mine and not a model but she did an amazing job and fitted perfectly into the scene in my opinion.

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+1 star for including the vertigo poster.

I'm going to drop some feedback, assuming you're soliciting it by being in this contest.

- I don't think that the alcohol bottle should be bisecting her leg.
- I know this was probably out of scope for the shoot – but when I'm setting up a stylized shoot like this, I do everything in my power to not shoot against white walls. Some easy tricks: staple fabric, wallpaper pre-mounted to 1/4" ply (that I keep for that purpose), or if I have to, I'll photoshop texture/color onto the walls. Photoshop is obviously the least enviable, but you can see how hard I avoid it.
- Lastly, and probably the least, I'd like to see the shots where she wasn't covering half of her face. I guess I'd also like to see some of the shots where she was sitting in that awesome chair.

The set dressing all looks good. I like the carpet leading to your subject. And that all the noise on the left forces your eyes to the subject. The camera height is perfect.

This is hindsight 2020, but the flag positioned over your subject would have been a nice bonus. The stipes would have added an element of framing and additional leading lines.

Thanks for the feedback Chase!
I really appreciate that. The points you noted are all valid and the tip with the white walls is great.
In this case I actually didn’t mind them that much with the color scheme I was going for.

I‘m just getting started with set design and I‘m absolutely loving all the planning and pre-work. It just so happens that in the heat of the moment while shooting I sometimes miss things or we simply don’t do poses that in the end would have been better.
But I guess that’s all part of the learning curve.

In my profile there‘s another shot of that set where she hasn’t covered her mouth if you like to see it.

I‘m a big fan of yours btw. Your photos are works of art and always recognizable.