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3.15 - "Solid" 

A picture of Kat in the style of the Dutch masters.

In addition to trying to steal the style of Robert McGinnis, I've also spent some time attempting to port the style of the Dutch masters over into the contemporary world. There's a lot of people who are using 16th-century wardrobe, 16th-century poses, and 16th-century props to make 16th-century portraits. While I don't have anything against that style and certainly respect the work; I've wanted to try to take contemporary images but with the colors and lighting of those old days. What Patrick referenced before as probably part of that subreddit Accidental Rembrandt.

So here's the recipe:
- Updo to show the jaw, ears, and to add fly-aways that act as brush strokes - vignetting the subject.
- Medium defused key light
- Giant (supergiant) fill light to control the shadows and reduce "blacks" In this case it's a 10'x10' silk
- Muddy color pallet. Complimentary colors. Green backdrop, Red Robe
- Added some shine to her skin, minus the face, to create these specular highlights
- Silk/Satin fabric to create those sharply defined highlights

Model: Kat

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1 Comment

I really love this one, great work man.