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1.9 - "Needs Work" 

This was a fun image to craft, and involved an overhead constant light through an umbrella to provide the main lighting, a reflector to highlight the face of the image, and a diffused window behind the shot to keep the shadows smooth. The peppers and onion were all soaked in ice water prior to the shoot to keep things looking fresher, and water spritzed across right before the shot to enhance the fresh cut look.

As far as gear setup, I used a higher ISO (800) to take advantage of the camera's dynamic range feature so I could keep more detail in the shadows, although that did mean I needed a dimmer light than I would normally use. The Fuji also has a color chrome effect that I used to keep the shadows saturated. With that setup, I was able to keep post-processing to a minimum which allowed for a faster turn-around time.

While this may not be the most interesting shot ever, I used it as a practice for streamlining my workflow for longer shoots.

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