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1.81 - "Needs Work" 

Winter sets in high up in the Colorado Rockies.

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I noticed both similar shots had pretty low ratings. If it helps, I'll offer my two cents as to why I struggled giving higher... It's the focus. In both photos I found the offness of focus on the most prominent elements to be quite distracting. If I look close, it seems the foscus is sort of 1/3 into the scene, but not on any particular eye-grabbing element. I would have preferred much deeper DOF, or at least the tree-line to be the sharpest. That's for me, anyway. Hope that's helpful. Cheers.

I agree, and I'd also like to add that there is amazing light and subject matter in this picture.... if it only was in focus!

I appreciate the comments from both of you. I intentionally posted this to see if anyone caught issues other than the extremely shallow DOF. If I remember right, I was at f/1.8. Possibly a reflection of my mindset at the time of taking the photo. We had just found the trail again after walking through a complete white out higher up in elevation. I have made return trips at the same time over the last few years trying to get the same conditions. No luck yet but some great photos from this year.

Correct focus and cors and it would be a 3 max