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3.45 - "Solid" 

Title: Morning Glory

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This is stunning. I love the light picking out the tops of the mist and the house. Really beautiful.

I want to give this 4 stars, but the composition just seems a little bit off to me. There's three small things I noticed:
1) The image looks slightly slanted to the right. I know it might be level in reality, but visually it looks a bit off.
2) To me, the top left mountain is a little close to the top edge. Especially with the cloud sort of bleeding into the peak and then going off frame, it leaves the eye nowhere to go, if that makes sense.
3) The right side seem less interesting to me than the rest of the image. The dark bottom right corner is quite heavy visually and adds to the balance issue I mentioned as well. I would maybe try cropping in from the right side a little.
Everything else, location, conditions, light, colors and editing all look great. If you already cropped the image for the pano you might be able to “fix” all of those 3 things in post. But that’s of course only if you agree with the criticism, which is obviously quite subjective. All just my impressions. Nice image :)