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1.64 - "Needs Work" 
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Cutting off the tree on the left and unsymmetrical framing of the cliff rocks on both edges make this look snap-shottish. Correct that, may be you can move a bit more to right and fill the entire sky with trees. Also too blue to the point that eve the rocks are losing their actual tone and the sky if a flat white panel(may be cover the highlights). These small points, will improve this shot dramatically.

This strikes me as a snapshot with so much potential.

The bush on the bottom right looks out of place. I want more of it, or remove it.

Turn your camera to portrait mode. Take 5 to 10 images and stitch a pano together. Beautiful area.

Bottom middle the lone branch sticking up, clone that out.

Lower the shadows a little. Dehaze slider to the right a little. Maybe a graduating filter to darken the sky a little.

So many small things would have changed this from a snapshot feel to a solid three bordering on a four-star image.