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1.88 - "Needs Work" 

Stacked macro of beach stones in ice.

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I would LOVE a greater depth of field on this shot. I want to see the details from front to back.

Thank you for the critique. I thought this focal range added some focus point to this otherwise busy photo. It helped to instill some depth. I see your point. Maybe this type of photo does not need that.

I honestly do not understand how this is not a three-star image. Maybe some of those who have rated it below a three can explain what they would do to improve it.

I agree, this should be rated higher than it's community average so far. I happen to thinkk the focus point you've used was correct because, like you say, it could have made the image too busy. Well done, Scott.

Thanks guys. I've been watching the score fairly close. It climbs a little then drops again. Which means someone is giving this a one star. By definition this is not a one star. I know this is no masterpiece, but I was hoping to learn from this site. I'm not going to take anything too seriously here anymore anyway. Shame.

I really like the subject. And I think you're probably right about more depth making it too busy.

I had to come back and look again. I believe you are right about the depth of field keeping it from being too busy. (I would still like to see it in focus from front to back because I am now curious.) You had a four-star from the beginning from me either way.