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2.44 - "Needs Work" 

So this is a photo from a series i made a while back. Its a fun and kitch setting in 50s aestetic since it represent this perfect american dream kind of life i think. But at second gance you see there is a dead man under the chair.
And the story i try to tell is basically:
A housewife gets enough of her mysagonistic and violent housband and together with her secret lover, a missionary lady, they decide to... get rid of him. And then they celebrate.

I picked this theme since it is a kind of slap in the face for both the amerixan dream of man and wife and tells of darker truth. The truth that domestic violence against women was common and that being gay was not ok. So in my story the girl get revenge of the man who supressed them for so long. And the bitter irony is that ofc a housewife will be able to clean the crimescene beter than anyone.
A kind of twisted girl version of bonny and clyde.

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Love it! I have a couple similarish-in-style-if-not-in-content project ideas myself that I need to get around to finishing.