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3.3 - "Solid" 

Airshow in San Antonio, Tx, Apr 23-34 2022. The planes were reenacting Tora Tora Tora flying over the runway simulating dropping bombs on the airstrip.The fire department was setting off pyrotechnics cause black oily smoke to rise into the sky, the planes are then flying through the smoke along the runway and that is when I took this image. I added some gradient filters in PS along with basic edits. I like how it is simple the image is and it has a vintage WWII feel.

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I'm not an airplane photographer so my opinion shouldn't be taken too seriously but I thnk a slightly slower shutterspeed would have blurred out the propellers just a little bit more which could have looked nicer. I know I'm clutching at straws here because it's a really cool shot. Gave it 4 stars.

I completely agree with you, the idea is to get the prop blur so it doesn't look like the plane is falling out of the sky and slower shutter is the key.

Here I am using a 90D crop sensor paired a Tamron 150-600. My focal length here is 449mm and with the crop of 1.6 that puts me at 718.4mm. My shutter speed must be at a minimum 1/800 for that focal length in order to not get a soft image. I would have loved to be around 1/400 but if I was this image would have been in the trash ben. I did get the prop to blur so I feel I accomplished the criteria.

Thanks for the four stars, I'm going to play with it in PS.