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2.48 - "Needs Work" 

I've taken the same picture throughout the different seasons and this moody winter picture turned out pretty great. It was just misty that one morning so it's good to know your location, composition and then be ready when the conditions are right.
Stitched panorama to compensate for lack of resolution with my Canon 650D
Greeting Michael "Rock the Shell" Rocktäschel

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Love the light on the trees, and the size of them.
And it's a great scene and location.

If I may:

I would have photoshopped out the people in the back, and the sign.

Feels slightly unbalanced by the amount of leaves on the left and less on the right (not that that is your fault) - I guess you could do photoshop to get the leaves from the left to the right, but not sure it's worth the trouble..

And it's not quite symmetrical, the person and the road aren't exactly in the middle of the frame. which can be fixed with a crop.

Personally, I would have perhaps gone for a slightly more dramatic edit. higher contrast, really making the oranges pop, perhaps reducing the greens slightly - but that's personal taste.

great shot though

Thanks Steven for your feedback. Very well appreciated.