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Ellen Von Unwerth Captures the Golden Globes with a Simple Photo Booth

This past Sunday the Hollywood elite gathered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the 72nd annual Golden Globe awards. Many of us can only dream of what it would be like to take the stage in front of such a large number of A-list celebrities to accept one of those golden globes, or what it would be like walking off the stage with one in hand. Well now, thanks to acclaimed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, we get a taste of what that experience is like.

By now everyone has heard the offensive jokes, seen the revealing outfits, and discovered the winners from this past Sunday. However, unless you follow @goldenglobes, you may not have seen what could be considered one of the best parts of the awards ceremony. Ellen von Unwerth, interrupted the traditional series of backstage events by capturing the celebrities as soon as they got off the stage in her golden celebrity photo booth. The results are priceless!

[via Mashable]

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Michael Kormos's picture

Of course these are great! Why wouldn't they?

A) These people are used to being in front of the camera ALL the time, and they ALWAYS look good! Even when the paparazzi catch them in their pajamas getting their morning paper.

B) Their hair, make-up and wardrobe is top-notch!

C) They're happy (after all, they've WON), which translates to emotional end product

D) Add to that a bit of Instagram processing, and bingo :-)

Hell, Ellen was probably backstage sipping on champagne while the camera just kind of, went off on its own.

Blake Robertson's picture


Lee Christiansen's picture

These are not good photographs. Take away the celebrity status and what are we left with... badly processed works of people who've had a few drinks.

If I'd taken similar pictures of my clients, I think they'd want their money back.

Kristi Woody's picture

It's not about having perfect photos...I mean they're on instagram. It's about capturing that excitement. It's fun seeing their silly poses and expressions!

Brooks Murfey's picture

Agreed, if the images weren't solely of celebrities there would be nothing noteworthy to talk about here.

Alessandro Molinari's picture

quality and process are not all, as far as i have learnt... i think these are nice documentary photos, but yes, the biggest job has been made by the subjects and not by the photographer