Miles Aldridge Recreates and Interprets Famous Painting

For the opening of the new Tate Britain art gallery, Miles Aldridge set out to reimagine the painting 'Merry-Go-Round' by Mark Gertler. The painting was originally created in 1916 while photography was still pretty much in infancy and hardly considered an artistic medium by many. Aldridge's approach was to take elements of the painting and create a series of photographs that hold the true form of the original while still delivering something definitively Miles Aldridge.

Aldridge is nothing if not a philosopher of photography. "In my work, I resent the idea that a photograph is a moment in time and work against that constantly. Rather than a single moment, I like to think of it as eternity."

What do you think Gertler would make of photography as an art form today? What do you think he would make of Aldridge's tribute?

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I. Love. It!

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It's to work with this kind of creators that I leave my country!