The Newest Lighting Trend: Bisexual Light

Is it possible to portray sexuality on camera with a light setup? A new rising trend of bisexual lighting shows us how this is done.

Note: the above video contains sexuality and language.

The two colors that make up the bisexual pride flag are a deep blue and magenta. These colors are now being used in lighting video and photos to show bisexual vibes to viewers. The trend recently picked up popularity with the release of Janelle Monáe's newest music video, titled “Make Me Feel.” The colorful light setup is used in several different ways throughout the song, from subtle to vivid. People have been sharing examples of the lighting style being used in other films, photos, and different visual art forms all over social media.

All you need to pull this meaningful light setup off is a blue light on one side and a pink on the other. To make your lights these colors, you can use gels or some other form of color-modifying material. In Monáe's video, the bisexual color theme is also thoughtfully placed in the wardrobe and set design. Since seeing this lighting trend pop up, I am noticing it is used pretty often in some of my favorite shows and films. Have any of you tried this setup already or any other that convey specific themes and moods in your work, such as sexuality? 

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Dragan Medakovic's picture

Jesus this site is going down fast...

Karl Johnston's picture

Beautiful piece

I think I just got Click Baited.

Did you mean to post this on April 1st but forget? This is what's called the race to the bottom.

Seriously??? So that is why many airlines e.g. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways (QATAR, a Muslim country!!!) light their First Class cabin and in-flight bar with deep blue and magenta colors???

I thought it was simply because blue and magenta are a classic color combo, and look great in dimly lit bars...

But bisexuality???

Gabrielle Colton's picture

I agree,I'm guessing it wasn't companies intentions when using it in ads such as this Because of the colors of the flag it's turning in to a trend to represent this. It seems to be an effective way to appeal to people of this group though.

Jon Dize's picture

This is nothing but FLAMING disguised as a photographic commentary.

Why are we so willing in this country to accept ridiculousness as legitimate?

I guess most of my Rock Photography is BI-SEXUAL, because I use red and blue gels on my subjects/clients either by remote flashes which are gel'd or capturing the stage lights which are gel'd.

Sometimes the problem with passing off ridiculousness as legitimate or something other than ridiculousness is that people swallow whatever is fed to them and then the entire village becomes ridiculous.

This is just another example of the FIVE MONKEY PSYCHOSIS.

Sorry, but sometimes this crap is just too ridiculous to take seriously.

Nothing against gays or even bi-sexuals, but RED AND BLUE LIGHT IS JUST RED AND BLUE LIGHT. Dramatic yes! Sexual? I've lived too friggin' long.

Oh yeah, a few of my BI-SEXUAL PHOTOS.

Heck, in the photo below he is splashed with RED, BLUE and WHITE light... I guess I will call that my GANG BANG photo.

Yes! It is just that ridiculous to me.

(Yes! He is tack sharp up to 40" x 60", the thumbnail appear soft.)