'Photographers Shoot the Same Model': Episode 7

Renowned photographer and Youtuber Jessica Kobeissi created another video in the popular series, "Photographers Shoot the Same Model." She’s now on the seventh episode of the series with views ranging from one to four million.

This episode has Jessica Kobeissi, Jerry Maestas, Derrick Freske, and Irene Rudnyk photographing the same model, Sophia Esperanza, from Ford Models. Throughout the video, each photographer is given a chance to choose the location and wardrobe. They also draw from a bag the prop that will be used for their location of choice. This shows each photographer’s unique take on the look and how they incorporate their own style into it. Within the comments section of the video, viewers can share their opinions on who won the challenge.

In past "Photographers Shoot the Same Model" videos, Kobesissi worked alongside photographers such as Joey Lawrence, Dani Diamond, and Brandon Woelfel. Each video gives a new look into how, even with the same environments and props, photographers can create vastly different images.

What did you all think of the video? Was it easy for you to identify whose work was whose, and did you have a favorite choice of the four photographers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Sorin Guleac's picture

Like the series, this episode has awful sound quality.

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Agree. All these kids need to do is take their Rode mic and put it on a boom to at least attempt to add a little more sound quality.

J Bronzino's picture

Like the series, this episode is awful

Anonymous's picture

Hate to be join a chorus of downers, but there's really nothing I'm getting from this beyond looking at any models portfolio (i.e. the same model shot by different photographers). Would be much more compelling if they had to work with the same styling and showcase their aesthetic simply with the camera.

Studio 403's picture

So much fun to watch , well done

Ted Chen's picture

It was fun to watch, but yeah the sound quality in the big studio was not good. Personal favourite Maestas', I'm even more amazed by how they are all superstars on Instagram!

Jorge Tamez's picture

I wish the video had worse audio