Brilliant Documentary About the Many Lives of William Klein

In what is another phenomenal documentary from the BBC program Imagine..., we are given the chance to view the world and lives of iconic photographer William Klein as he is preparing for a retrospective of his work. Klein is one of the pioneers of street photography (more raw, up-close and personal than Henri Cartier-Bresson) as well as the creator of some of the most iconic fashion images of the 20th century. He is an artist and a filmmaker - making over 20 films, including the first ever documentary of Muhammad Ali.

The documentary program delves into what makes William Klein such an original. The rawness of his images is cut with complexity. There was always something more going on in his frames that what first catches the eye, and it's that eye that is as sharp and present as ever.

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1. I admire F-Stoppers and their meteoric growth
2. Yet I prefer this post over the past 10 or 15.
3. Kindof glad it flew under the radar.

Thank you, Chris, for finding this intellectual treasure chest.


Awesome Documentary ! One to watch and study! Thank you of honoring a creative photography of our time!

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STILL so few comments?!

I rest my case (happily).