Complete Review and Comparison of the Fujifilm Instax Camera Line-up

Whether you are looking for that perfect photography gift or something fun to carry with you on your next vacation, Fujifilm has offered instant film for a while now with a variety of cameras and printers that just might be what you are looking for. But we might need some help deciding which of the many models to get.

Just the other day I started searching the internet for a cute gift for an upcoming birthday when I remembered seeing a new instant camera at PhotoPlus Expo last year. Fujifilm had an army walking around the expo floor and offering to take your photo to show off the new Instax film. After a little research, it turns out Fujifilm has come out with quite a few different cameras, several mini printers, and even a few instant film sizes. With such a variety, I wasn't quite sure which camera would be best for my friend, so I did what I always do and headed over to YouTube.

Thankfully, the great team over at Photography Concentrate put together a detailed look at each of Fujifilm's cameras that are currently being sold. It covers the model differences, which instant film they use, and pricing. Interestingly, it turns out not all the Instax camera are analog. In fact, several are completely digital, and there is even an analog/digital hybrid, which kind of explains the range in prices between the models.

After watching the entire video, I was able to pick out the perfect one for my friend's gift, and it even got me interested in trying a couple of the other models out for fun BTS stuff on future photoshoots.

Are any of you using instant film like the Fujifilm Instax in fun and creative ways? What cameras or film have you found to be worth playing around with?

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Michael DeStefano is a commercial/editorial photographer focusing on Outdoor Lifestyle and Adventure. Based in Boston, MA he combines his passion for outdoor sports like climbing and surfing into his work. When not traveling or outdoors he is often found geeking out over new tech gadgets.

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All I want is a full manual instax w/ a hotshoe. Time to gaff tape an optical in front of the on camera flash.

Lomo makes a couple of models with flash sync capability. The Diana (with instant back) comes with an attachable hotshoe you can plug into their weird flash slot, and the Lomo Instant Wide (slightly less manual control) has a PC sync port.

I want Fuji FP-100 BACK :(

My 65 year old Polaroid is fully manual mode, doesn't even need a battery , I can fire studio lights with it, and it is f/3.8 ...
These toys are not less than f/9 or f/11 I think

My last 3 packs are in the freezer, waiting for a special occasion. Alas, the way Fuji has been discontinuing their films (now Acros too!) I don't think we're getting FP-100 back anytime soon. :(

Not certain if it's a similar brand, but rather there is a unit like that in a studio I independent in. It wasn't that incredible in any case, sufficiently not pneumatic stress. Boisterous as hellfire as well. They returned to utilizing canned air.

Someone handed me one of those Instax cameras the other day and asked me to shoot a few pics of his band playing. I'm not sure what these cameras are designed to shoot, but I discovered it sure isn't rock bands playing in low light! So I couldn't say I associate these cameras with "fun" - clearly I'm not their target audience.