Helpful Tips for New Film Photographers

Film photography has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and it is a fun way to explore your creativity and experience a different way of making images. If you are new to film photography, this excellent video tutorial will provide you with a variety of helpful tips to get you up and running in no time. 

Coming to you from Matt Day, this great video tutorial will give you a range of advice for getting started with film photography. One thing that took me a while to learn with film is to experiment with the range of stocks available. Though the choices have shrunk a bit, there are still a ton of various different stocks out there with a huge range of aesthetics, grain, color palettes, cost, and far more, and they have a huge impact on your final results, especially since you will likely not be doing as much editing as you would with a digital image. I personally recommend purchasing five or so different stocks when you first start and taking them all out for a weekend to really start to develop the aesthetic you like. And have fun, of course! Shooting film is a real joy. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips from Day.

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