A Modern Approach to Film Photography With Flash

Of course, flash photography existed long before the transition to digital. However, most modern film photography is shot in natural light, whether out of an aesthetic desire or because working with flash and film is a bit of a lost art. Nonetheless, just like digital, flash can open up a lot of creative possibilities, and this excellent video tutorial will show you a modern approach to doing so. 

Coming to you from Willem Verbeeck, this awesome video tutorial will show you a useful, modern approach to shooting film photography with flash. While you can certainly learn to meter flash like was done in the old days, most of us do not own a dedicated light meter, and this approach might feel a bit foreign compared to our modern workflows. And given the price and delayed results of film, it is not really productive to guess and adjust like you can with digital. Verbeeck's hybrid approach solves all these problems: by shooting with digital first, you can figure out the exact settings you need to get the results you want, then grab your film camera and apply those settings, allowing you to be confident that you're getting the results you want and not wasting time and money. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Verbeeck.

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