The Power Of Film (12 Talks) From TED

TED Talks set the bar for inspiration no matter the subject, the playlist The Power Of Film (12 Talks) certainly does not disappoint.

The good people over at TED have pieced together some big names in the movie industry for this imaginative playlist. The tag line reads "Few things are as magical as sitting back in a theater with a hushed crowd to enjoy a film, but what you see on the screen isn't everything. Hear from visionaries -- from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood -- on how to make movies."

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Domagoj Kunic's picture

'The good people over at TED'?

Take a look at this:

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Exactly what I was going to say! JRE.
There have been quite a few sources saying similar things lately.

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2,000 x 6,000...that was painful.

Wow, I wonder where all that money goes?