A New Platform for Artists to Get Noticed and Get Paid A New Platform for Artists to Get Noticed and Get Paid, a new platform for photographers and artists to sell their work, launches in just a few short weeks. What's so amazing about Crated? They have a rigorous curatorial process to keep artwork standards high, allow artists to sell their work through their platform, handle top-quality printing and fulfillment, and allow artists to keep 80% for themselves where most galleries take anywhere from 30-50% in commission.

Crated launches May 21st alongside a pop-up gallery in SOHO ArtHouse, NY, that will display works chosen from that of the first 100 accepted and signed artists to join Crated by May 16th. Crated claims joining them is easy, as they take care of printing and fulfillment, sales, and payment, taking such small payment for these services. It's even SEO friendly to have a Crated account!

It costs nothing to sign up -- not even a credit card. Want to join? Submit your work for consideration at today. For more information, here is a press release prepared by

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If you check out their pricing model a bit deeper, you'll see that the touted 80% profit becomes a bit clearer in the "fine print" so to speak. You'll probably be making the same kind of money that you would selling "greeting cards", (e.g. you better sell an awful lot of them...) Mark your artwork up more, and they just make more on the "wholesale" end. Nice try guys, but alot of other places are making money off of artists/photographers in a very similar way.

Hi Jim,
Our wholesale pricing does not change based on markup and the artist always gets 80% of the profits on each sale.

Hey, when will this be available in the southern hemisphere?

we're open to artists from anywhere in the world, but we don't have a timeframe for shipping outside the US Canada and EU.

I thought that title read "A New Platform for Artists to Get Noticed and Get Laid"

Was really excited for a moment...

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Well that was an unexpectedly extra-special title, then... Sorry for the disappointment. But you know, there's an app for that :-)

Sorry for the let-down guys, but we are listening to your feedback and hope to be able to help in that department soon ;)

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"Where photographers and digital artists connect with millions of art buyers."
Does Crated actually have millions of art buyers already? I'm having a hard time believing that if they aren't launching until May 21. Genuinely curious. With new 'marketplaces' popping up every day, it's difficult to justify spending time signing up/setting up accounts for them if there isn't a big market of image buyers there.

Hey Mike,
Although we have no way of knowing the exact traffic or demographic stats of the site in the artist-beta. The 'Millions' number is based on our goal for bringing engaged art-buyers and art-lovers to the site and you can be sure we wont stop when we reach that number.

Yep, While it's certainly an interesting looking site, and would be great if it takes off, I don't know really how it's much different from many of the offerings out there already. I've had prints of my own up for sale on 500px since they launched the offering, and haven't had a single sale - and yes, I know, it depends on the quality and talent of the photographer.

Lots of photographers out there, even less buyers.