Now You Can Print Your Photos and Eat Them Too

Now You Can Print Your Photos and Eat Them Too

It's not a brand new idea to incorporate printing photos on food. Recently we talked about printing photos on coffee with the selfie-latte, but Boomf takes photo printing a little bit more out of the box. Well, maybe more out of the cup. With this product I will preface with one question: do you like marshmallows? Yes or no, this product is for you.

Well if you said yes, you're in luck. Boomf takes your instagram photos and prints them on marshmallows. Yup, fluffy, white melt in your mouth mallows. Get that photo of your lunch on a marshmallow then roast it, throw it on a graham cracker with chocolate for a perfectly crafted s'more. That's straight up inception. If you said no, well then think of the endless possibilities. Print out that old photo of your ex and roast it over a hot, burning flame (oh the irony.) If thats not your style, ship a box to your friends who do enjoy the tasty morsels. After all, they do have a six month shelf life.


There are a couple guidelines to ordering these bad boys. Printing is a lot more clear when you use a lighter photo. Dark photos with low contrast don't print as well as the details tend to be a little mixed. The marshmallows look better when you use simple high contrast images. A group of 20 people probably will look like a blob. A photo of you and your precious three legged cat, Mittens? Solid. Remember they're marshmallows, so keep your print quality standards low.



These square pieces of joy will set you back £12 for a box of nine. Or $19.45 if you can con one of your UK friends to send some to you if you front the bill. Thats right, for the time being they're only available in the UK. Sad times. They do hope to expand after the new year, so raise your voices to Boomf on Twitter and let them know that you want to enjoy these delicious mallows in and around your mouth on this side of the pond. The United States if you will.

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you could rasterize an image with rasterbator and make a giant marshmallow