What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World

What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World

It seems as a people, we have a fascination with photographing our food. From Henry's series of riders, to looking on instagram we cant help but document what we consume. Photographer Peter Menzel started this intriguing series of one weeks of groceries from around the world, taking traditional food photography to a much larger scale. In his book Hungry Planet, Peter explores both the cultural differences of diets around the world as well investigating how prosperity and poverty influence the diets of different nations.

hungry planet food around the world

Here is the book description of Menzel's amazing project:

The age-old practice of sitting down to a family meal is undergoing unprecedented change as rising world affluence and trade, along with the spread of global food conglomerates, transform eating habits worldwide. HUNGRY PLANET profiles 30 families from around the world--including Bosnia, Chad, Egypt, Greenland, Japan, the United States, and France--and offers detailed descriptions of weekly food purchases; photographs of the families at home, at market, and in their communities; and a portrait of each family surrounded by a week's worth of groceries. Featuring photo-essays on international street food, meat markets, fast food, and cookery, this captivating chronicle offers a riveting look at what the world really eats.

what people eat around the world

Great Britain

View the entire series Here in Menzel's Book Hungry Planet.

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He also didn't show rich people from Chad (the few). In our western world, junk food is a sign of poorness. not absolutel poverty, but still you eat healthier if you are rich, but good food (especially vegetables and clean meat) are very expensive while junk food is not.

Yes he did pick a Junk Food Family, cos if you dropped into a huge human size bowl of Americans and grabbed one family, odds have it you would grab a junk food family. sure, LOTS of Americans are eating healthy and this rocks.. but the majority of Americans eat CRAP! This includes starbucks and frozen dinners from Whole Foods. I can understand Whole foods frozen entrees for lunch at work.. but figure it out.. cook fresh at home~

Keep in mind these are photos so they are staged...some families eat worse...some eat better. Don't paint them all with one brush.

this is true. but the American photo.... it is an average. but still sick

one thing i realized with the usa pic there was NO water and chad had!!

Yeah, but in Chad you can't drink the tap water, it's too polluted.

As pretty much no one outside of cities has taps in Chad, there's no tap water to be polluted! Unless you're talking about the nearest lake, river or stream...

Which is also polluted. My comment is in regard to the person citing that there was no water in America and there was in Chad. Tap water is polluted (when I say tap, I'm also including pump wells, etc), so they have to keep their water bottled or in containers after it's been boiled down to sanitize it. That's why there's a lot of bottles of water in Chad.

Many villages have tap water in Chad. But it's well water. They do drink it but it's the water that we, as westerners, are told not to drink. It's also the reason behind typhoid and a lot of other sicknesses in the country and region as a whole.

Told not to drink tap water by whom? the bottled water companies who want you to buy their bottled water?

Even in Pennsylvania, because of fracking!

But in Chad or any other country, there is also new last year a very effective, powerful filtration device that purifies the water. They expect within ten years everyone will have them. The company sells them for profit in other countries, and donates one for everyone purchased to third world countries.

They don,t even have tap water...

There is water in the USA pic. Two gallons on either side of the milk jug.

Absolutely NOT enough water! Each person needs to drink at least 8 - 8oz glasses of water per day! There should be water replacing the soda bottles in order to maintain great health. Our bodies are 90% water.

GmaGardner thank you for your input. I would to now like to provide you with a medical and scientific fact.
1) our bodies are not 90% water. They are actually 50-75% water, and this is dependant on age, weight, muscle tone and sone. For example, I was 57% today
2) There has never been a shred of evidence to support 8 - 8 oz glasses of water per day. its a saything that people use. The actual evidence based recommendation is 30 ml/kg of fluid based on ideal body weight per day. Average person is 72 kg * 30 ml/kg = 2190 ml = 9 - 8oz cups of fluid in this case.

But rarely do we give water. In fact that fluid includes high amounts of protein, or fat, and carbohydrate. We used fluids that have ~8 x the sugar concentration as soda.

Point is, yes probably to drink water instead of soda. But in all reality we don't have water requirements, just fluid requirements.

I'm sorry, I just have to pipe in on this. You have a lot of great information about the composition of the body, but I just have to say....Humans do actually have water requirements. We would die without water. Quickly.

Seralyn I appreciate your response but I believe you vastly misinterpreted my point. First to be clear, when I say fluid requirement that is with the understanding that "fluid" is some sort of aqueous substance, aka anything that has some water as a vehicle (plain water or heck even an apple has significant amount of water/fluid in it.

My point is pure water is probably not required; milk, soda juice, food, even a hamburger provides water. But I would never call any of those things water, but you would include it in the fluid intake.

Example: patients that are in the hospital may never get any water during a month stay. Not once. but they live just fine (without any abnormalities).They get fluid intake from their liquid tube feeds, saline, D5W (sugar water) - none of which is pure water.

So my point is, and we are both correct in some ways, there is no specific requirement for water. Organisms are able to extract the water from a variety fluids from many sources. So yes we need the water, but that doesn't mean I need to drink water.

Actually, it is much harder on the organs of the body, ie kidneys, to process water out of unpure substances than for the body to absorb pure water. Also, just because a solution has water in it does not mean that the body can effectively absorb it or that the concentration of water in the solution is high enough. By your reasoning, it would imply that one could drink saltwater as from the ocean and absorb water from that, but in actuality, that would be one of the quickest ways to dehydrate yourself. It would dehydrate you so much that your organs would start to shut down and you would literally start to go crazy. Also, people in the hospital do get water. In fact, that is the only liquid that is required to be provided for the patients. Why do you think you automatically get a water pitcher that has to be refilled with water on a routine basis when you are admitted. And another thing, patients with tube feedings do get water. They either get it through the feeding pump from a separate bag that holds only water, or if the facility does not use that type of pump then the nurses would be required to flush the feeding tube with pure water at regular intervals per doctor's orders. I know because I do this every night.


Again thank you you for your insight unfortunately you to only have a minimal grasp of what I have said.

First, I made it clear in both post that water would probably be preferred source (none of the extra stuff you get from juice and or soda) for most people.

Next, to clarify your sea water point. Yes you are, correct, although your explanation and rational are a bit off. I guess I was not going to go through of over explaining all cases such as highly tonic substances, hence my comment "from a variety of fluids" as opposed to "all fluids". My words were carefully choose. So, indeed, that is not my logic.

Now, to go back to the seawater and to quickly explain the wrong rational. Assuming you are not on some hot desert beach sweating away like crazy drinking salt water does not make you dehydrated, per se. As that implies you have lost water. But that simple isn't the case. You become hypernatremic and hyperchoremic. Which yes dehydration can also cause. It would be the same as pumping hypotonic saline into a patient *(ocean water and 3% hypertonic ts about the same salinity.)

Your kidney physiology explanation is confusing and doesn't really fit what physiologically happens. If we are talking oral administration (which I assume). The GI tract absorbs the water and macro nutrients. All of which enter at some point enter the circulation (lots that happen here not worth the text book of explanation). Your kidney simply filter the blood stream, which as this point is very far removed from what was taking in. As long as we are not taking in highly tonic your kidney will function as is. People do not go into renal failure from tube feeds, they don't go into failure from juice (unless of course you are diabetic and you have really high glucose).

Free water flushes are not required in all patients. I know I am the one often ordering or discontinuing it :) They are often started if electrolyte abnormalities occur. Often many patients require some, but that is because tube feeding generally contain the bare minimum. This of course goes back to the hypertonicity and depends on the patients clinical state. I.e. heart failure status, DI, critical ill, febrile patients all require different requirements but again my point was not to get overall complex.

And yes we absolutely provide water to most patients, not every patient (just being clear in case someone else wants to call me out on a technicality) in the hospital. But from an actual argument that means nothing. I could say we provide TV's to every patient in my hospital but it just a fact.

What I think you are trying to prove, or at least attempt to, is that we give water to most patient in the hospital therefore it is required. Well, Matt please go back and read everything I said. I agree, water is probably the best to drink (because it doesn't have all the extra stuff in it), but it is not the sole source. Not drinking pure water will not imminently kill you. Hospitals provide water, because, yes its a bit healthier than soda and juice, but it is also whole heck of a lot cheaper.

Think of it this way, can no one here think of a time when they said, you know what I haven't had a glass of water in a dew days? Instead you've has soda, juice, ice tea, coffee.

Oy you guys. In the USA you can get water from a sink.

I hate water

good grief! give it up already! go suck a lemon!

Was in the hospital for two weeks with premature twins and was not allowed to have water. I received one cup of ice chips per day because water diluted my mag drip. Not everyone gets a pitcher of water :(

You so know that ice chips is just frozen water?

That is baloney. Are you saying to process wáter from fruit and vegetables is hard on your body? There is no science backing your view. The problema with sodas and fruit juices is not processing anything but rather their sugar content. Most fruit juices have higher sugar contents than a bottle of Pepsi.

you need to catch up on your fluid intake, your brain seems to be dehydrated a bit.

Yes, but the water can be derived from any edible source.

This is not true. I have not drank more than a sip of water a day in years. I hate it. I drink soda and once in a while a hot cocoa or something. I am healthy, I am not over weight and I am not dehydrated or dying. FYI


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