5 Reasons To Buy a Second-Hand Leica M-D Typ 262

A polarizing camera from a polarizing brand for many, but here are five reasons you might want to buy one.

Is there a camera brand that divides opinion faster and more completely than Leica? On the one hand they have a cult following and a small army of loyal fans and collectors. On the other, they have many opponents waging war on specs and prices. I do my best to walk the line between the two, but of late, I find myself more and more attracted to their cameras and lenses.

One photographer and YouTuber who contributes to this yearning which puts my wallet in serious jeopardy, is Mattias Burling. His photography is often performed with Leica cameras and the vintage, film feel to his style is enjoyable in the digital era.

The Leica M-D Typ 262 was released in 2016 and is already rather difficult to find. With its excellent dynamic range, beautiful colors, and compact design, it won a lot of fans, but perhaps not enough. Nevertheless, if you can track down a copy, they sell for around $5,000 second-hand, so as fun as they seem to be to shoot with, they're a major investment for most.

Have you used the Leica M-D Typ 262? Would you recommend it?

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Ben Lockett's picture

I recently bought an M240P, and I’m really happy with it as a comparatively affordable way into the M system, the colours (and black and whites) are the nicest of any camera I’ve used, and I find enjoy using it more than my 5D, which for me, is the whole point. Certainly a breath of fresh air when compared to other cameras where I feel like I’m relying on the camera knowing what it’s doing to get the shot - with the Leica, anything that’s wrong with an image is exclusively my fault! The more I get into the way of shooting with it, the more I find I only use the screen to change ISO anyway, so I can definitely see the appeal of the MD for 9/10 of what I shoot, however the are times where I like to fall back on live view. So I think for me - if I could afford two I’d have both, but I could barely afford my bashed second hand M240 on its own!

Matt Williams's picture

Sure, if you have the money, have fun. I'd rather have the M10-P if I had money, or the cheaper M240 if I was on a budget.

I like the design of the M-D 262 or the M10-D, but live view is simply way too valuable on a rangefinder camera for doing RF alignment adjustments. Obviously many other benefits of a screen, but that reason alone is enough for me.

Edit: Actually, it would be nice if the screen-less models could use the accessory EVF that the other models can. It wouldn't change anything if you never want to use it, but it's there when you do (for whatever reason that may be).

Matt Williams's picture

Have to take this back. Not sure about the M-D 262, but the M10-D can use the accessory EVF and can also do live-view via WiFi and the FOTOS app. So either one would take care of rangefinder calibration and/or any other time you may need live-view.

Alex Yakimov's picture

Major investment talk aside (:, that cam is truly amazing marvel of esthetics and design. Would love to have one.

Dave Morris's picture

Though personally I prefer the M10/P for its thinner body design and a dedicated ISO dial, I should also admit that the M-D Typ 262 is still one of the best digital Leicas ever made. It is indeed an exceptionally beautiful and pure piece of gear.

Matt Williams's picture

I think the M9-P Hermes is the most attractive digital Leica made so far. That kit with the three special edition lenses is just a thing of beauty. If they made an M10-D Hermes, and I had enough money, I'd buy it in a heart.

An M-A Hermes would be nice too, as it won't be obsolete in 10 years.

Scott Kiekbusch's picture

Given the limited feature set for a digital camera, and the closing remarks in the video ("no chimping, no re-shoots; just photography"), it seems like your money would be better spent on a Leica film camera. You can pick up an M3, M4, or M6 if you need a light meter for a few thousand less than the MD-262. No wifi. No digital screen on the back. No shooting video...but very similar camera aesthetics & functionality and the ability to shoot the same great lenses.

Deleted Account's picture

It's one of two Leicas I would consider

Alex Yakimov's picture

price is a bit steep for 262. it is generally around EUR 4600 on eBay.

Deleted Account's picture

You say that as though that's OK. Still too expensive for a second hand camera. If that were its new price though...

Les Sucettes's picture

I'm sold ... but won't pay this sort of money for a used camera (personally I would want warranty on such a purchase).

I wonder why others aren't making more of an effort to provide an alternative product that is also fullframe.

Also...While I don't need all the latest bells and whistles (screw video, screw IBIS, maybe OIS but only on big zooms) it would be nice to mix it up a bit... that body looks like it has plenty of space to allow for AF and an EVF/OVF hybrid.

Even if you had two different types of lenses - AF lenses that are slightly larger and MF lenses that are small. And two different bodies one purely OVF and another that has EVF and OVF. One with a hidden screen like Fuji has, and one without screen and one with a visible screen...

Mix it up a bit, provide a few alternatives for the pure purists, and the semi purists...

Make it something people can save up to and buy on the primary market