7 Items you Need on set as a Filmmaker

While preparing for a shoot, whether it’s for film or photo, there usually is a few miscellaneous tools you don’t think of until you needed them. Sometimes they are really basic tools, when you realize you don't have them with you, you end up being disappointed that you didn’t think of it before.Peter McKinnon shares 7 “stupid” tools that you should have on set for filming, some of which you might not think of but now that you know, you will keep it handy with you for future sets. On most sets, there is usually something that needs to be held down or together. Well this covers the first three items on his list, which are duck clamps, cable ties, and gaff tape.These items can save you from various different scenarios during your shoot from lose objects or preventing possible accidents.

Ordering a few extra body and lens caps can make for extra storage bins for smaller items you may need to carry around, use that gaff tape to label them from screws to memory cards or any other small items. I usually carry a few around incase I lose one out in the field and to cover my gear, but I didn't think of using them as storage units before. One of my favorite items on Peter’s list has to be the acoustic blanket, not just for improving the sound in your record, but for all the other uses like can it can be used to block light or even hide your equipment in your vehicle. If you do use it to reduce the sound from any buzzing equipment, just be careful as it may be a fire hazard depending on what it is placed on. Check out the full list below.

  1. Duck clamps
  2. Cable ties
  3. Gaff tape
  4. Body & lens caps
  5. Grip head
  6. Acoustic blanket
  7. Friction arms and smaller friction arms

Some of these items you might already carry with you on set. Maybe you have them lying around but you do not bring them on set. These items may not be the first thing that comes to mind when packing for your next shoot, but maybe you should start carrying them around to solve some problems when they arise. Do you have any other trivial items that you carry that has saved you before? Post your favorite “stupid” items in the comments below.

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