Adobe Reveals Project Mighty & Project Napoleon are Planned Products

Adobe Reveals Project Mighty & Project Napoleon are Planned Products

Earlier this year at MAX, Adobe announced Project Mighty and Project Napoleon, new cloud-based hardware tools that were somewhat overshadowed by the Creative Cloud announcement. Today Adobe has revealed that their prototype concepts for Mighty and Napoleon will indeed become full fledged products.

An excerpt from a blog posted today on Adobe, David Wadhwani said:

"But we’re just getting started. Creative cloud is still in its infancy and we have a lot more to do. And thanks in part to your feedback, the year ahead should be fun and exciting as we continue to execute on the vision we laid out at MAX – to build a creative platform with fully integrated software, services and hardware. And as a great example of that, Adobe is moving our cloud pen, Project Mighty, and our digital ruler, Project Napoleon, from a technology exploration to planned products. If you saw our exploration demo at MAX, you already know that this is part of our commitment to making the art of creation easier, wherever and whenever you feel inspired."

Adobe must have received enough positive feedback on the projects to make them worth pursuing. What do you guys think? Willing to give these products a try when they hit the market? How do you think this will affect Wacom, the current leaders in tablet technology?

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I made it this far in life without a 'digital ruler'. I'll probably give it a pass.

Isn't that what the pen tool is for?

I think these products are all irrelevant now that Wacom has announced their fully pressure sensitive tablet that can run the full range of adobe products as well as other awesome programs like Zbrush. Caaann't waaaait! =)