Amazon Goofs, Prematurely Publishes Nikon DF Product Page, Pricing

Amazon Goofs, Prematurely Publishes Nikon DF Product Page, Pricing

I'm not used to so many leaks/mistakes the day of a release, but it looks like someone at Amazon got a little trigger happy. Though the page is no longer active, we screen captured the entire upcoming product release for the hotly anticipated Nikon DF, including price, sensor size, and all the rest of the nitty gritty.

It looks like it has a 16.2 megapixel FX sensor with dedicated knobs (as you can see in the images) for ISO and shutter speed and exposure compensation. It also works with all Nikon AF-S, AF-D and AF Nikkor lenses.

Most importantly, you can see the price point of $2746.95.

nikon DF digital fusion amazon pricing fstoppers

If you want to see more images, you can take a look at some of the photos of the camera that were leaked this morning.

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Lenn Long's picture

$2800 bucks..... for a 16MP retro novelty item.
I hope they took it down because the price was wrong.

Von Wong's picture

eek much as I love NIkon i'm with you on that one. 2800$ is WAY too much for a casual street shooting camera.

jmphotography's picture

Agreed. Back to saving for a Fuji for me if that's the price.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

What if that 16mp sensor was the D4's? Would that be a different story for you?

Von Wong's picture

Not really. I mean i'd love to wait until actually holding it to make any clear judgements but you get a D4 if you need a D4. The right tool for the right job.

If this is hitting the same market as the Fuji it's for family moments, street photography, travel photography - something small, lightweight, unobtrusive, stylish. Not something designed for speed, functionality, ruggedness, etc...

but what do I know, i'm just another guy :)

MikeT's picture

I am a Nikon shooter (D3S and D800e) and use Nikon & Zeiss lenses. I also own a Fuji XE-1 for travel and just keeping in the car. One of the real weight & size advantages with the Fuji is the lenses, not just the body. Have to admit though the bigger DLSRs still take better shots… at least for the moment.

BlackObamaJesus's picture

Not coupled to a D600 shutter and only one card slot plus no video.

BORIS MILAN's picture

Everything was going fine: Retro small rugged body: Check, Full Frame D4 sensor: Check, Manual dials FM style, Check,.... 2800$ body !!!!! Nope

Eric Duminil's picture

Not much was going fine : small AF coverage, D600 shutter, useless and redundant PSAM dial, no front aperture dial, probably only one SD-Card, slow X-sync, no Auto setting on ISO dial, no Auto setting on shutter dial. I could have paid 3000$ today for an F-mount, D4 sensor and X100s ergonomics but Nikon screwed pretty much everything they could. I have 10 Nikkor lenses and the best FX choice to me looks like a D700.

Robert Lowdon's picture

Yeah, it's less for more apparently. What is the thought process on this?

Mr Blah's picture

Same as Porsche with the GT3 RS, BMW M3 CSL, etc...

Irish Murph's picture

That's an official price, nothing wrong about it. $2,750 body only, $3000 with the 50 1.8 lens.
And it's not a novelty item either. You must be a Canon shooter....... :-P

Ett Venter's picture

Who cares if it's 16MP. 99% of us don't need anything more. I do my day job on a 36MP camera, and 20 of those megapixels don't mean a damn thing to me.

Still, I'm with you on the price. $2800 is more than I was expecting, and kind of throws this camera out of what I'm willing to spend on a second body.

Seagram Pearce's picture

This. Exactly. I was crazy excited about this because due to my Nikon affiliation (brand ambassador) which meant I could never get the X100/etc. I thought this was going to be the perfect thing for me to carry around & holiday. Then the pricetag hit me like a wet fish.

Spider- Man's picture

OH NOES!!!! D600(10) AF system :( boooooo

Sarah Khoury's picture

I was oogling over this as soon as I heard about it but that price is a turn off.

...'s picture

Really curious if this actually IS the D4 sensor. If it is, that isn't too terrible a price. The D4 sensor is a beast.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Wrong. The D800 and D600 sensors are generations ahead. They have better ISO perfomance at slightly better DR. The D4 sensor is roughly 2 tech generations behind.

Patricio Ungaro's picture

Wrong, the D4 is clearly superior to both the D800 and D600. Remember that Flagship models always use the best sensor available and all the best functions, then every lower model gets scaled-down capabilities and sensor.

When the D4s comes out, the replacement to the D800 and D610 will add things from the D4. It's a common sense marketing strategy to keep the steep price format.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Again, I process RAW files for clients for a living. The D4 sensor offers no real image latitude vs. the D800, D600 at anything under 3200. That includes DR and Noise (admittedly, the D600 does exhibit some banding when recovering shadows). In most cases, the "Flagship" is not just the sensor. As a D7100 and D600 owner, I don't subscribe to subjective emotions towards a camera.

economicwarrior's picture

2800 dollars, internet rage! (Quietly gets out wallet...)

Anonymous's picture

It's gotta be a D4 sensor at this price point. It's like the D700 finally got an upgrade! heheehe.. ;)

David Portass's picture

unfortunately not, D4 sensor yes so awesome ISO performance but looks like D600 shutter (5 FPS, 1/4000 shutter and 1/200 sync speed), D600 AF module (39 points, 9 cross type, -1EV detection compared to 51 points and -3EV of D800/D4), D600 style partial magnesium build (looks like top and bottom plate only, rest composite plastic). :(

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Hey I'm just throwing this out there, but $2,800 is a pretty fair price. We're getting the D4's sensor for 1/2 off. Though I have to admit, I hope they don't cram the AF points together like the D600/610.

Irish Murph's picture

I'm inclined to agree. It's certainly not outrageous for a D4 sensor. I think complainers will complain regardless, but will still plunk down the money for one anyway. I was going to go x100s to have something smaller than my d3s and d700, now I'm glad I didn't.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Before the D800 and D600 sensors, the D4 sensor was impressive. Now even my DX d7100 gives it a run for its money and better resolution.

Eric Duminil's picture

Stop reading DXOmark and go shoot some pictures. The D4 sensor was wonderful at launch, and still is. No way the D7100 comes close, even if DXO says so.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

D7100 comes close. Read my above comment. Follow my D600, D300S and D7100 samples with the same handle at Arstechnica and DPR. Thank You. I plan add a D4 sample (borrowed from a colleague) soon at both sites and compare same scene shots with my own Nikons.

Patricio Ungaro's picture

You have to be kidding me... that's a very ignorant post. Try actually using those cameras and compare the results. Talking about actual picture quality in real life shooting, the D4 is 2 steps above the D800, the D800 is 1 step above the D600, and the D600 is 3 steps above a 7100. The D7100 doesn't come even close to matching the image quality of a D4 or D3s.

Source: real-life daily shooting experience.

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