Amazon Goofs, Prematurely Publishes Nikon DF Product Page, Pricing

Amazon Goofs, Prematurely Publishes Nikon DF Product Page, Pricing

I'm not used to so many leaks/mistakes the day of a release, but it looks like someone at Amazon got a little trigger happy. Though the page is no longer active, we screen captured the entire upcoming product release for the hotly anticipated Nikon DF, including price, sensor size, and all the rest of the nitty gritty.

It looks like it has a 16.2 megapixel FX sensor with dedicated knobs (as you can see in the images) for ISO and shutter speed and exposure compensation. It also works with all Nikon AF-S, AF-D and AF Nikkor lenses.

Most importantly, you can see the price point of $2746.95.

nikon DF digital fusion amazon pricing fstoppers

If you want to see more images, you can take a look at some of the photos of the camera that were leaked this morning.

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Anthony Cayetano's picture

Yes, I DO own a D300s, D600 and a D7100, I DO process RAW files for the D800e (don't have experience with any D800 with AA at the moment and I have processed quite a few D3s and D4s). You are wrong in saying the D800 is one stop ahead of the D600. From my D800e experience, the D800 is a little above 0.5 stop above the D600 in noise but no perceivable (subjective) advantage in DR when recovering underexposed wedding and concert events. The D600 is just around a stop ahead of the D7100 in both noise and DR since I own both a D7100 and a refurbished D600. My The DxO and DPReview score are more generous than my findings. I suggest you get out of your fanboy shell and do something useful. I invite other colorist and RAW processors to confirm my claim. Note: Canon and the Sony translucents DR are generally a stop and a half inferior in DR and almost a stop behind in ISO noise.

Valters Pelns's picture

Well, D800 files to big, D610 not pro body. Df with D4 sensor, not for D4 money, well, maybe! I need some upgrade from d700, so maybe this one! From other hand, It could be a little weird to shoot wedding with this one! At least interesting for sure.

Eric Duminil's picture

Sadly, I still think that the D700 is a better camera than this one.

Valters Pelns's picture

Well, that blue noise at high iso is disturbing. And knowing that some crop dlsr (D7100) is better at high ISO also isnt heart warming feeling :)

David Portass's picture

I bought a used D3 and sent it back a week later for a new D600, I know it sounds weird but while I loved the body and the AF it had an unpleasant haze on any image over ISO 5000. It may have just been the one I had but I felt my D7000 gave a nicer image at ISO 6400 (again my personal opinion).

The D600 in image quality in my eyes is at least a stop better than the D3 but I really wish it had a proper AF module. As Valters says, D800 files for me are too big, D600 are larger than I really need. 16mp would be brilliant but I know there will be a long wait until a true D700 replacement

Valters Pelns's picture

Well of course D600 is better in High ISO, it's 4 years newer (d3-2008??)!
I also have D7000 and it's about 1 stop worse than d700/D3! imho :-)
Not even mentioning colors etc :-)

Anthony Cayetano's picture

I agree with you on the D600. However, is it just me or is composing a hectic/kinetic shot shot more difficult with the D600 than with the other pro Nikons?

Crystal P's picture

Was so excited about this until the price...decimal place is in the wrong area for me! :) $2800 for a camera? Umm..nope. I'd have paid about $350-400 for the body. Too bad - I really, really like the look and the concept...

Irish Murph's picture

You can probably get a good deal on a used iPhone 4s on Fredmiranda for 350....
I hear they take pretty good shots.......

Crystal P's picture

That was a bit uncalled for. Just because I do not want to pay $2800 for a camera body does not mean that I do not appreciate a good camera.

michelle guilmet-buck's picture

Cough. What???

Crystal P's picture

What are you questioning with your "cough. what?" - I will not pay $2800 for a camera, no matter how cool it looks. My husband works really hard for our money, and I'm not about to spend that kind of money on a novelty camera. Sure, it's a good camera, but I do not NEED one that expensive. Was hoping it would be a LOT cheaper. Sorry that is so hard to understand.

David Arthur's picture

I think the hard part to understand is that you hoped they would be in the sub $500 range. No way it would ever be that cheap without huge quality cuts.

Taylor Huston's picture

Not for full frame. She should get a nice D3200 and call it good.

Keshav Chugh's picture

For that much budget, you might want to go for a used D5100 or something like that.

Rob Barnes's picture

I really dont understand the market they are going after for this. Can someone help explain to me who this if going to be marketed towards and how successful they think it will be? The price point isnt going to make it fly off the shelves. That said, I want. I really want but I'll stick to my Fujis for the time being.

michelle guilmet-buck's picture

They are marketing to two groups-- older folks who still pine for the simplicity of 35mm film slr and ... the young, hip crowd who worships all things retro.

Colton's picture

It wasn't a goof. Amazon did the same thing with the D4 to hype it up.

Peter Timmer's picture

I can't w8 to see a hands on review. In my opinion $ 2.800 is not too much. And if people can't understand the price, than it's plain this is not a camera for you and you shouldn't buy it.

What makes this camera special is:
-It looks and probably is very solid.
-It's small and light.
-It's full Frame
-It's got the right amount of Megapixels in my opinion.
-It looks cool! (but in the end that's not what it's about)
-When you are shooting an event/wedding or just taking it out on the street you can take photo's easier without people seeing you because you're not carrying a huge camera.

I really like this camera already and i think i'm gonne buy it. I still want to see a hands on first though. And i have to wait for it to be released in the Netherlands.

sandybuller's picture

to bad it doesn't have video, well I guess they can bring out another version in the spring '14 with a Dfs

Deter Pinklage's picture

ZZZZzzzZz... Nikon trying to be like Olympus.

Heri's picture

I'm getting the Sony 7!

Scott Cushman's picture

I fully expect the first generation to be a little disappointing, but I sincerely hope the experience Nikon gains with the DF will allow for amazing future iterations. I would love a full-frame camera that can operate silently without the mirror flipping around. I think mirrorless cameras will eventually prove themselves more rugged than SLRs (the only part of a Nikon I've had break on me so far is the mirror mechanism), and allow for more versatile body designs, too.

Sound is one of the biggest things that attract me to mirrorless cameras, or rather, their lack of it. I'm sure there are plenty of us who do street photography or infant portraits who have wished for nearly-silent operation from time to time. The "quiet" mode on my D800 is anything but, and the choir leader at the university where I work has mentioned he'd appreciate it if we could get D800-quality photos without the mirror-slapping noise during concerts. This may not be that camera yet, but it makes me very hopeful for future releases as they work through the inevitable kinks associated with any new product category.

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

That price is not even "hipster friendly"

jimifilo's picture

I wouldn't even care about the price if it just had two things different: D800 sensor and aperture ring... assuming the body is metal and weather sealed.

worker88's picture

When did Amazon start using giant FS watermarks on their own content?

daniel benjamin's picture

how do you know it was an accident? Allowing this "accident," seems to me to give amazon a head start in pointing interested buyers to their page.

Keshav Chugh's picture

I'm a die hard Nikon fan, but I think Fuji X-E1 is still a better option than this.