Another Beautiful Look into Sigma's Manufacturing in Aizu, Japan

Last year Sigma released "Sigma Aizu," an unexpectedly captivating video showing how the company manufactures their products. It was not only a rare look into the process, but also done in such way that mirrors Sigma's recent change in their attention to detail and love of the craft. Part 2 was just released, and it matches the artistic integrity of the original.

Our products are somehow imbued with the essence of our homeland, blessed as it is with clean air and water, and focused, hard-working people. To pursue optimal quality, the vast majority of Sigma's manufacturing right down to molds and parts - is carried out under an integrated self-manufacturing production system, within the company.

The overarching theme and message here is that the video is Sigma. Their values, their precision, and their attention to detail. And yes, this video (as well as the original video) was all shot on Sigma glass.

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Gotta' give Sigma a tip of the had for this sort of thing. Rebranding is not cheap, easy or guaranteed. Long held (and deserved) consumer opinion of Sigma has centered around the notion of a second rate manufacturer whose main benefit was selling cheaper stuff than Canon or Nikon. Their latest product additions and promotions such as this seem to be getting traction. Consumers win as companies step up and challenge the old guard. I'll consider them for my next purchases if quality meets the hype.

I've been selling off my Nikon lenses and I am replacing them with Sigmas. Except for the 14-24 of course.

Sigma is killing it right now. I hope they don't get greedy and jack their prices up too much. So glad they are giving some much needed competition to Canon and Nikon!


They need to develop a camera worthy of their lenses. That Foveon thing isn't happening. Sensors from Sony, Canon, Fuji, et al blow it away.

I dunno man. I got the 3 DPs on loan and the IQ from the Foveon sensor was phenomenal. They render with amazing detail. And the B&W out of camera really rivals the Fuji X-Trans. They just need a good solid easy to use, non point and shoot body form to put it in.

Yeah but they need to have better low light capability, some more resolution (I don't buy into that equivalent resolution schtick, modern-day sensors out-resolve Foveons), and a full frame sensor. They're obviously having development problems with it, I'm not sure if it's from lack of resources, or it's just inherent problems with the technology.

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Also Kazuto, the new President, is a perfectionist. He's really, really into getting it as close to absolutely right as possible, so I imagine if anything like you're describing is even planned, he's being highly critical of anything and everything.

Yeah, I hope they come out with a worthy body, Foveon or not.

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It's surprising to me how much hands on work there is in lens manufacturing.

Have you seen this?

Shows you why the lenses cost what they do. Very hands-on.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing the video

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The 30fps makes it look a bit odd.

Super happy with the 35mm 1.4 :) Thumbs up to Sigma