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Apple's M1 iPad Pro Can Comfortably Handle Canon EOS R5 Footage

With its latest line of M1 devices, Apple has really shocked the market. Laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air are demonstrating performance that is on par with more expensive computers. Now, the Apple M1 iPad Pro is demonstrating incredible performance. 

A recent video from Matti Haapoja reviews the latest Apple M1 iPad Pro specifically for photographers and videographers. The iPad can seemingly edit high-resolution files without any issues. The touchscreen user interface may require some getting used to if you're more accustomed to using a mouse or graphics tablet; however, from what's demonstrated in the video, the overall experience seems pleasant. 

Videographers may also be interested to know that the latest M1 iPad Pro can comfortably edit high-resolution video files. This includes resource-hungry files like the ones from the Canon EOS R5. 

It's great that camera manufacturers are updating cameras more frequently and offering better features; however, the devices we use for editing need to be capable enough to handle the files. Apples' M1 chip has managed some incredible feats, and devices such as the iPad Pro are now more capable than ever before. 

Check out the full video linked above to see how the latest iPad performs. 

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Jordan Steele's picture

If only Apple would allow for real file management and more full-featured software solutions on the iPad. I am not a video guy, but I have used my iPad for photography here and there and it's almost good enough to use as a laptop replacement, but it's just deficient enough to cause headaches. First, the file management isn't robust enough to quickly and seamlessly work with imports / exports / etc in a logical and speedy workflow sort of way. Second, the photography apps all are just close, but far enough away from useful for me. Photoshop for iPad doesn't have some basic canvas resizing techniques or Photoshop action capability that makes outputting for my website an absolute pain in the rear. Affinity for iPad is almost full featured, but you can't record macros on device, and importing macros, while a potential option, has some stupid limitations such that the text tool can't be part of the macros - which is one of the tools I need, again for exporting to web.

Actual processing of the files is fine - Lightroom mobile works pretty well, DPP for iPad can actually import RAW files from the camera wirelessly and does a great job processing the images....but transferring from the imported RAW files to LR is a hassle and a half if you don't want to use DPP for RAW processing. It's just a bit of a mess.

Would really like to see Apple allow for a split functionality iPad - with iPad apps and MacOS apps able to run simultaneously, and the interface changes from the iPad OS display when used as a tablet, and the MacOS options for when it's docked into a keyboard/trackpad accessory like the Magic Keyboard or the Logitech keyboard/trackpad combos.

Usman Dawood's picture

"it's almost good enough to use as a laptop replacement, but it's just deficient enough to cause headaches"

Yep, pretty much.

Brian Landis's picture

It's really cool that the iPad hardware is fast enough to handle the files. The photo editing apps are not good enough yet to take seriously. Photoshop on the iPad is terrible and the other apps are not anywhere near professional level. Give me full photoshop on there and we will talk.

Michael Waterhouse's picture

Before I actually watch the video, wasn't the 2020 Ipad Pro able to fully handle R5 files? I've never had an issue editing them on my device using Luma Fusion. Isn't this year's Ipad Pro just an improvement on an already lightning fast device?

Doriano Ciardo's picture

Excellent portable management on my iPad 2019, without using other external programs but only iPhoto. Very good resolution and connectivity.

Sourov Deb's picture

Great hardware for creating cool videos for social media. And let's face it, without great social media exposure, it is hard to "Make It" these days