Arca-Swiss Announces New Tripod Heads and Camera Support Products

Arca-Swiss Announces New Tripod Heads and Camera Support Products

It seems that almost all the major brands of the photography industry have something new to share at Photokina 2016, and Arca-Swiss is no exception. The France-based company announced several new and improved camera support products this week that you’ll want to check out.

C1 Cube gp and D4 gp

The C1 Cube and D4 tripod heads are Arca-Swiss’ crème de la crème. They feature unique designs and are exceptionally constructed for serious photographers who want a little vanity in their life. Now, Arca-Swiss is adding geared panning control to these prized products. The gear driven self-locking pan device is located underneath the quick release and allows for precise rotational movement of the camera. There’s also a second manual panning control at the base of the head. Arca-Swiss says that these new geared pan versions will sell alongside the current C1 Cube and D4 heads rather than replace them in the lineup.

p0 Hybrid

The Arca-Swiss p0 monoball is a compact tripod head that is now fitted with a “hybrid” design, introducing geared movements similar to the C1 Cube. With the p0 Hybrid, the user can make a rough level adjustment with the traditional locking ring and then use the two new gear knobs to fine-tune the camera’s position. The two self-locking geared segments allow adjustments in the X and Y axes up to a range of 10 degrees. The Arca-Swiss p0 Hybrid will weigh 1.1 pounds.

Monoball Z1+

The Monoball Z1+ is a new iteration of the Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 tripod head that is updated with a “refined” Motion Related Gravity Control system. This system employs bi-directional drag and allows for smooth horizontal movements but a progressive friction increase vertically as the camera and lens tip forward or back. Arca-Swiss claims that this increase of friction makes their tripod head “the safest available.” The Monoball Z1+ will be available as single pan or double pan.

Quicklink Tripod Head Mount

This new product from Arca-Swiss sounds interesting. The Quicklink tripod head mount system is for photographers who regularly remove and reinstall tripod heads onto their sticks. It features a breach mount receiver and a tripod head base plate which secure together by just hand-turning the knurled locking ring. Arca-Swiss will sell the tripod head plates separately so that all of your head units can work with the system.

Canon Aperture Control Lens Board

This new bayonet lens board mounts Canon lenses onto Arca-Swiss’ line of 6X9 cameras and offers full electronic adjustment of aperture settings. There is a OLED display built into the board that shows current focal length and aperture settings of the lens. The lens board has two buttons to control aperture in 1/3 steps up and down, or by pressing both at the same time to fully open and close the lens to the selected aperture. The Canon Aperture Control Lens Board has a mini USB port and is compatible with battery power packs that can deliver a 5 volt current through USB.

Pricing and ship dates have yet to be officially announced, but Arca-Swiss is aiming for deliveries to occur by the end of the year in the U.S. If you are interested in reading more about these new products, check out the full press release.

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Mike Leland's picture

Looks like it's time to sell my Cube on ebay!

C'mon ArcaSwiss ... besides a good ballhead, who REALLY needs all those?

Lauchlan Toal's picture

Geared heads are hugely useful for commercial work, particularly architectural and product photography where you're using technical cameras and need full control over the perspective, or replicable results. Though of course, no one needs them - a ballhead is workable. But then again, no one really needs a ballhead either - these tools just make things a bit easier.

Mike Leland's picture

Working professionals need them, that's who.

I use my Arca Swiss Cube EVERY DAY. It's near the top of the list of gear I use as far as importance goes.

I like the Quicklink, but only in a 4 pack.

Justin Berrington's picture

I'm guessing the prices will be somewhere between arm and a leg and screw that.

Edwin Schottstaedt's picture

Why do you need an aperture lens board for a Canon lens just get a metabones adapter and be done