ARRI Introduces Ready-to-Shoot Kits for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

ARRI Introduces Ready-to-Shoot Kits for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design today announced that ARRI, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional motion picture equipment, has introduced Ready to Shoot Kits for Blackmagic Cinema Camera, a realization of what was hinted/shown at NAB earlier this year.

Kits from the ARRI Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) line are built for a wide variety of users, situations and environments. Stable and reliable support systems, sturdy connections and quality engineering allow DPs to stay prepared and tackle a range of workflows in dynamic shooting environments. Starting at $1200, all Blackmagic Cinema Camera kits include ARRI’s Mini Base Plate MBP-3 and Camera Cage System, offering a non obstructive solution for the mounting of accessories through industry standard 3/8-16" and 1/4-20" interfaces, as well as a Universal Cable Safe System CCS-1, which protects internal electronics against accidental stress when using HDMI, USB or audio cables.

ARRI’s MBP-3 was designed to fit small form factor cameras, such as Blackmagic Cinema Camera, through dedicated adapter plates. Attaching the strong yet lightweight cage support system to the MBP-3 provides numerous 3/8-16” and 1Ž4-20” mounting points for arms and accessories and an ergonomic design allows for efficient set up and operation.

Because no two workflows are the same, the ARRI PCA set for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera come in several different configurations. The basic configuration adds an aluminum left side Support Arm CSL-1, providing solid support for handles and accessories, while still allowing for the use of handgrip and controls. The top of the line professional configuration comes with a Hot Shoe Bracket CHS-1 to prevent camera body flex.

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Love how this little camera is shaping up to offer so much and that Arri is backing it.  I just wish it had a higher frame rate at 2.5K and I would gladly pay for that if the cost was slightly higher.  Nice little camera nonetheless.  

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 Same thing with latest Firefox.

I'm fine with firefox on mac.

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Me too!

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ME too!

same thing with safari :/ 

Yep, same with Firefox here!

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Chrome too.

I don't see the mega hype about this. The sensor is tiny, and will probably only be good in well lit situations with a great DOF.

I *didn't* get a warning on Safari, but I'm using an ad blocker. My guess is that this is related to a third party ad making URL calls to a flagged ad content server, as such things often are.

It may have a smaller sensor but I don't see that stopping people who don't have 20 grand to spend on a camera and we'll see how it looks in different situations once people start putting up test videos.