Billingham Anniversary Edition: Iconic Camera Bags Get a Limited Makeover

Billingham Anniversary Edition: Iconic Camera Bags Get a Limited Makeover

Billingham, the UK-based family business famous for its camera bags since 1973, is marking its 50-year anniversary. To commemorate half a century of production, the company has released a limited edition series of their most popular bags, each fashioned in black canvas and leather with red stitching, signaling a departure from their usual styling cues.

This anniversary lineup is strictly capped at 100 units worldwide per model, embracing Billingham's classics such as the 72, Hadley Digital, and various iterations of the Hadley range, including the Mini Eventer. Each of these bags will feature a commemorative label, and uniquely for this edition, a special black leather shoulder pad with red stitching – elements not sold separately from the bags.

The construction of these limited edition pieces stays true to Billingham’s technical specifications, with a three-layer waterproof fabric incorporating a "StormBlock" butyl rubber core. The materials list continues with top-grain leather, solid brass fixings, and closed-cell foam padding, aiming to blend durability with function and a degree of luxury.

While celebrating its past, Billingham also nods to its present and future with this range, emphasizing the company's ongoing commitment to the community it serves. As with all products leaving the Billingham factory, these bags come with a five-year guarantee and a unique serial number, ostensibly serving as a badge of authenticity and quality assurance.

The release is more than just a nod to the past; it's an assertion of Billingham's longstanding ethos of providing protection for photographic equipment. These bags are expected to perform for professional photographers and hobbyists alike, adhering to the brand's reputation for building to last.

As for the pricing, the limited edition collection spans a range that starts at £150.00 (ex VAT) for the 72 model, reaching up to £435.00 (inc VAT) for the Mini Eventer. For those interested, the collection is up for grabs through Billingham's UK and US websites, alongside selected retailers.

With this launch, Billingham doesn't just celebrate a milestone but also underscores its place in the market as a purveyor of quality over five decades. The limited availability is likely to appeal to collectors and enthusiasts who value the mix of function, style, and durability that the brand has stood for since its inception.

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I like red stitching on black leather but i sure as heck wouldn't pay these prices for it.

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the first image was meant to appeal to coal miners

I'm not fond of the Black/Red coloring, but I looked at Billingham's other bags. I use an Olympus E-M1 and have 5 lenses that I carry in my current bag along with some other accessories. The bag and contents weighs 5.75 lbs (2.6 kg). The Billingham Eventer MKII bag empty weighs 4.1 lbs (1.86 kg). So, I won't be changing bags. However, the Billingham Eventer MKII bag is a lot prettier than the bag I have.