The Canon 1D X Mark III Is on Its Way Soon

The Canon 1D X Mark III Is on Its Way Soon

I will be the first to tell you that the Canon 1D X Mark II is a great camera and a personal favorite, but at 3.5 years old, it's starting to show its age just a bit, and some eyes are starting to turn toward the forthcoming Mark III version. The good news is that it's coming next year, and with it will come some fantastic features.

Canon rumors is reporting that the Canon 1D X Mark III is all but confirmed for next year, which isn't a surprise given the upcoming summer Olympics, where companies often show off their best equipment. However, what is a bit more interesting is that the source also provided some of the likely specs. Perhaps the biggest news is on the video front, with rumors saying the camera will shoot 6K video without a crop. Also coming down the pipeline is a bump in resolution over the current 20.2-megapixel sensor and possibly IBIS. It's also likely the camera will receive a bump in ISO performance and in continuous shooting rate, as companies tend to do with flagship cameras. 2020 should be a very exciting year for gear nerds! Head over to Canon Rumors for more on the upcoming camera.

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I hope they include:

-100% focusing point coverage of the viewfinder
- Increased dynamic range
- Foldout rear LCD

I probably still wouldn't be able to afford it. But, if they include these and more, I might be willing to sell a few pints at the blood bank.

A camera that level will likely have all that...but NOT the foldout LCD

Why on earth would they put a fold out screen on a rugged pro camera... if I had fold out screen on my 1D X and X mk2 they would have been snapped off a long time ago...

I wear progressives and I've had a number of occasions when I wanted to get a ground level perspective. That would have meant me being on my chest. That's not always an ideal position in a lot of situations. Not to mention down right uncomfortable. With that perspective, it's sometimes hard for me to see the LCD in Live View. If that LCD folded upword, I could get the camera down as low as I want and be on my knees: a much more comfortable position for us geezers.

Many years ago, I purchased a zigview eyepiece attachment, for the exact reasons you listed.

Why for "gear nerds"? I have the Mark II and I'm far from being a gear nerd. It's a work tool and a very good one if I may say. If all those improvements come to the Mark III, they will definitely justify getting it although I'm afraid that the price will see quite an increase...

As for video, 6K is great, but I hope they don't cripple it like the Mark II with the absence of a log profile.

I agree, I feel like the more professional my photography has become, the less of a "gear nerd" I've become. All my equipment are tools.

If I can score a brand new Sony 600/4 for half the retail price like I did with the Mark II from Canon just when the III came out, sure. If not, I'll stick with Canon...

I have the 1dxmk1 and can't imagine how I used to carry two bodies and 2 zooms all day. Great thing about the small size of the a9 is that I can use the grip when using long lenses and stripped down when I need to inconspicuous with the 35mm/2.8 Zeiss. I still love the feel of the 1dx in my hand but appreciate the smaller profile of two a9 and several lenses in my bag when out of town on assignment.

"at 3.5 years old, it's starting to show its age just a bit"

$6000 Professional camera bodies are officially disposable consumer electronics

Cool, "IF" I can hold on to the money I set aside I'll wait for the price to drop some on the Mark2 before it goes away like I did the 6D. However possible computer issues with the Mac Pro tower (it was used 5 years ago) and I committed all my PS & LR to Mac when I bought the CDs so gotta stay with them,

No 24p. Canon has been preparing us for this bombshell for a year. You've been warned.