The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Will Break After 8 Hours of Use

That’s right, folks. This brand new $6,500 camera won’t make it past a single day’s worth of continued use. Is this the end for Canon?

As I was looking over the specs sheet for the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, a few numbers popped out to me. First, for being totally outrageous. Then as I ran them together, I was shocked — shocked, I tell you — at the results. How could Canon be so careless about its supposed “flagship” camera? Please share my hard-hitting piece above that exposes Canon for what they really are. The world must know.

The math looks something like this.

The 1D X Mark III shoots 16 fps.
The buffer size of the 1D X Mark III is 1,000 shots.
1,000 / 16 = 62.5
Each buffer fill takes 62.5 seconds of shooting to achieve.
The shutter mechanism is rated for 500,000 shots.
500,000 / 1,000 = 500
You can fill the buffer 500 times before the shutter dies.
62.5 * 500 = 31,250
It will take 31,250 seconds to kill the shutter…
Meaning it will take 520.83 minutes to kill the shutter…
Meaning it will take 8 hours, 40 minutes, and 48 seconds to kill the 1D X Mark III shutter.

Is this shamelessly misleading and did I selectively not factor in things like the wait time for the buffer to clear and the fact that shutter life is just an estimate? Yes. Did you still get a chuckle from this? I hope so. Props to Canon for making such a beast of a camera that made it possible to joke about it being so bad because its specs sheet is so dang good.

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David Pavlich's picture

As Mork would say, "Ar, Ar, Ar! Earth humor." :-)

Thomas H's picture

Cute video... The camera "might fail", it does not need to. Do you remember the ads from the past, with the Nikon F-something scoring 5million actuations?

David Pavlich's picture

I figure that Canon and Nikon are rather conservative on the shutter life expectancy. My son gave his 5DIII to his second shooter at about 325,000 clicks so most certainly, it's over 400,000 by now. Canon says the 5DIII shutter life is 150,000 clicks.

Michal Mazur's picture

No idea what is buffer limit for, since it doesn’t affect your calculation... but...
1DX mark II: 400k/14fps =~8h
D850: 200k/9fps = ~6,2h
D750: 150k/6,5fps = 6,4h

Have fun

Just me's picture

If you are doing continuous 14fps, maybe a video camera is what you need...

Dale Karnegie's picture

The title of this post was so click-baity, I thought it was an andy day article

Alexander Petrenko's picture

It is absolutely incorrect. Your camera will be working only when shutter is open. It means - at most 5 minutes (unless you are astrophotographer).

Simon Patterson's picture

Well played!

Ronnie Dai's picture

Then replace the damn shutter. You dont trash your car when your brake has to be replaced.

Jan Bella's picture

you dont? fuuuuuuuck i'm on my 3rd car this year :D

Deleted Account's picture

An average car will last about 200.000km. An Audi A6 (with the right engine) can do 250km/h - hence it's dead after 33 days...right?

Cristian Chelaru's picture

What a waste of time. Click bait title and the video is a low level crap humor. The intention was only to create some useless noice.

g coll's picture

You must be so much fun to be around... lol

Felix Wu's picture

Utterly meaningless lol

Rex Larsen's picture

Maybe someday FS will user editors.

Umit Pala's picture

So with that logic every DSLR already should have been dead. I saw a 1dx mkII over a million shutter release without shutter change. It still works like a charm

Rhonald Rose's picture

Stop sleep typing articles

David Pavlich's picture

It was light hearted humor, for Pete's sake! There are times I see the world as being wound way too tightly.

David Garcia's picture

How long will the A9 ll last?

Phil Tography's picture

Not funny, click bait rubbish.

Alan Adams's picture

It feels like that's a lot of the articles on here anymore. Linking to other peoples articles or videos.
I realize this is meant to be a joke and taken light hearted. I just miss some if the older articles.

timgallo's picture

lol. the hunger for click and view.
a hyena preying on birds gathered around carcasses of lifeless articles....

Don Smith's picture

Was someone actually paid to write this?