Canon EOS M Sample Images, Video, and Pre-Order Info

Canon EOS M Sample Images, Video, and Pre-Order Info

The Canon EOS M camera is now available for pre-order at B&H Photo. It's selling for $799.99 and is expected to ship October 15, 2012. We previously posted about the announcement of this camera and since then, Canon has updated their website with high resolution examples and videos.

Click here to see the high res version

Click here to see the high res version

Click here to see the high res version
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Just gonna point out real quick that the Canon announcement specifically states the white model will only be available through their direct site.

Just wanted to put that out there in case people are looking for the (I think more appealing) white model through B&H.

Quoted from the press release: "A white version of the EOS M Digital Camera bundled with the new EF-M
22mm f/2 STM kit lens will be exclusively available through the Canon
Online store,"

All ISO 100...

Nothing spectacular yet..the G series have been churning out this stuff for years now. Bring on the ISO400 - 800 samples.

if they are using the same stuff as the 650D, wouldn't you expect the same performance? I can't wait to see some comprehensive reviews by dpreview

Nicholas's picture

I can't wait till I get my hands on this one. 

it's the exact same sensor and image processor as the rebel T4i/650D  and there are plenty of good high iso examples there.  i'd like to see how the hybrid AF does in dim situations tho.

Then there should have been no problem placing a few side by side with these ISO 100 samples!

As for AF...if they aren't matching the Sony NEX-7, this thing is DOA.

Looking the third photo i supposed that was f/16 or smaller aperture, its just f/8, difraction its doing its job quite well...

The only thing i'm looking for on this camera is the AF, speed and usability. The 4.5 frames per second i hope more the 25 images in a burst because it's laging so much behind the sonys...

first i want to win this lens:

then i buy the EOS-M :)