Canon EOS R to Gain Continuous Eye-Detection AF and More in Next Firmware Update

Canon EOS R to Gain Continuous Eye-Detection AF and More in Next Firmware Update

Next month, Canon will be releasing firmware version 1.2.0 which will finally add eye detection in Servo AF mode, along with other software fixes.

In a notice posted to the Canon Asia website, the company made a pre-announcement that included details on what to expect mid-April 2019 for the next EOS R firmware update. The big news is that the highly popular Eye-detection AF will be expanding its capabilities and work in Servo AF mode for stills shooting, as well as in movie mode regardless of Movie Servo AF setting.

Another enhancement listed is the ability to use Servo AF for still images when the AF Frame Size is set to Small, and the same goes for video in any Movie Servo AF setting.

Below are the fixes that will be addressed in version 1.2.0:

  • Under certain conditions the electronic level displayed in the electronic viewfinder did not display properly.
  • Under certain conditions information displayed in the electronic viewfinder was not properly rotated.
  • Under certain conditions updating the firmware for the wireless file transmitter WFT-E7 was not possible.

For the current owners of the EOS R, how are you getting on with the new mirrorless system? What features are you hoping make their way to the camera in a future firmware update? Thanks to the always kind Steve Huff I was able to get my hands on the EOS R last month for a few moments and I was really impressed with the ergonomics, but sadly I didn't get to experience anything with the camera beyond handling. If Canon continues these solid feature updates built into a body like that, I think less and less people will be holding out for a rumored high-end EOS R model.

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I'm more interested in the fixes for the digital level. Seems off in some pics that I know I was watching the level on. Wasting part of the frame to level correct when I was intentional about composition sucks.

I have one and the continuous eye autofocus will be nice. I originally bought this as a way of easing into the system, but I like it so much, I'm considering adding a second for a matched pair (I normally carry a pair of 5d mkIV's). The biggest advantage for me is how great the autofocus is. It's given new life to shooting lenses like the ef 50mm f/1.2 L, which was just not reliable on the 5d mkiV. I know that other cameras outgun its specs, especially for video, but for stills, it's very good.
Dislikes are what everyone says. Hate the touch bar, hate the 1 card slot.

If a future firmware upgrade could add the functionality that the 5d has with back button autofocus I'd be in heaven. Currently I have the left back button programmed for single point, single shot autofocus, and the middle one programmed for area/servo mode. This means I never have to fumble with my camera when someone walks towards me. Would like to be able to duplicate that on the R (even if the buttons are weirdly jammed to the right side of the camera).

Facts, this camera is way better than most people realize especially if u shoot in studio at all. Sony cant even focus in studio

Yes it can. You just need to take live view settings off and it will focus wide open. I almost only shoot in studio, and it works fine :)
There are a few lenses that will not, but most will.