The Canon EOS R3 Is Super Impressive, but Something Even Better Is Coming

When Canon confirmed the EOS R3 recently, it highlighted specs that went toe to toe with Sony's flagship a1: 30 fps continuous burst rate, eye-controlled autofocus, a vertically integrated grip, ultra-weather-resistant body, and a sensor with much faster readout times. As such, it might seem like the EOS R3 is meant to be Canon's flagship, but that's not the case, as something even better is coming. 

In a recent interview between PhotoWebExpo and Canon's Head of Product and Consumer Expertise at Canon Russia, Canon confirmed that the EOS R3 is meant for high-action genres like wildlife and sports. However, what is more interesting is that the EOS R3 will not be the company's mirrorless flagship; rather, it is intended to sit between the powerful EOS R5 and an upcoming top-of-the-line camera, the EOS R1. While we don't know much about the EOS R1 yet, the fact that the EOS R3 and R5 sit below it in the lineup helps to set foundational levels for what we can expect it will be capable of, which is increasingly looking like quite a lot on both the video and stills fronts. 2021 is going to be quite a year for Canon fans! Check out more over at Canon Rumors.

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Jay Schtulmann's picture

Not a fanboy here, but "The EOS R3 is super-impressive" is based on what? let them release the full specs and then we talk. Nonsense article.

Sam Sims's picture

You act like you are the first to break the news that a higher level Canon camera is coming. Even when news broke of the R3 it was well known a flagship R1 is being developed. Do keep up.

Dan Jefferies's picture

Can't wait. The sooner they get those out the sooner the R5 drops in price

Tony Clark's picture

Just a slick marketing tool that teases us about something in the pipeline, do you think it dissuades people from buying Sony or an R5?

Bradley Carter's picture

"This will deliver “great emphasis on superb AF performance and speed, with fast-moving subjects” and place the R3 between the existing EOS R5 and 1D X Mark III."

April 14, 2021

Steve Sondheim's picture

There's always "something even better coming"... At some point we just need to start using the gear we have rather than chasing some illusive spec on a marketing managers tick-list.

Adil Alsuhaim's picture

With the specs of the R3, one could only wonder what would a hypothetical R1 would add. Maybe the rumored "global shutter" would make it to the R1? Who knows!

Jay Schtulmann's picture

what specs?, literally they have only shared 3 things: full frame stacked sensor with fast readout, big body and the eye focus system which seems like a gimmick.