Canon Is Finally Bringing Out a Premium 35mm Prime Lens Soon

Canon Is Finally Bringing Out a Premium 35mm Prime Lens Soon

Once they got serious about mirrorless cameras and lenses, Canon wasted little time expanding the RF mount's offerings, but one standard lens that is still missing is a fast, premium 35mm prime. No doubt, that lens is coming eventually, and it looks like we can expect it later this year. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that a premium Canon 35mm lens for the RF mount is likely coming in the third quarter of this year. Such lenses have always been popular, and it is a virtual guarantee that one will appear eventually, so it is no surprise to hear this news. There is currently the RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM, but many photographers are likely waiting for a 35mm f/1.2L or f/1.4L. The two EF 35mm f/1.4L lenses were highly popular, and I was a big fan of the second version in my review. No doubt, given the RF mount's jump in quality over even the most impressive EF lenses, a top-shelf RF 35mm lens would likely be highly impressive and would probably be highly popular across a wide range of genres, including portraiture, wedding photography, and more. Hopefully, we will see more news about this lens in the next few months. 

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Good news. Not that I need such premium 35mm lens, but ... I'd probably buy one if it's not too heavy. The older EF 35/1.4 was significantly lighter than the new 35/1.4 ii.

The Rf 35/1.8 is a nice tool, and the near macro (1:2) capability can be seen as nice bonus, so I'd love to see the differences to this new lens to come.

At that size the lens should be a F1-0 or a F1-1 lens development has been vaguely interesting as of lat. however lack of technology breakthroughs is a reminder of the challenges of physics and our inability to break the laws. Expensive solutions exist but marketing strives more for the sort term return.

Teal,glass and super coatings has gone to plastic, less stringent quality control, fewer features, cheaper lens hoods, no more lens pouches and the latest non internal focusing.